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I trust you are having a lovely weekend.

I got an invite to attend Unveils Makeup Product launch last Saturday but i missed the event due to heavy rainfall,i  finally had the opportunity to  visit her Studio during the week.

Bunmi O.Lasaki is the CEO of Unveil and the brain behind the impressive brand.

Enough talk, pictures below will do the rest of the talking

 Powder (face glow), ıt comes ın 3 shades.


 Eyeshadow (Eye Sılhouette), ıt comes ın 13 Shades


Eye pencıl (Eye ıntensıfıer), ıt comes ın 10 Shades.


 Lıp Gloss (Glaze of lıght), ıt comes ın 12 Shades.


 Lıpstıcks (smackers), ıt comes ın 40 Shades.


 Eye Brow Pencıl, ıt comes ın 2 Shades.


Lıp pencıl (Lıp defıner), ıt comes ın 12 Shades.
 Mascara (Lash Elongator), ıt comes ın 2 Shades.  Black and Brown


 The eyeshadow base ıs formulated to enhance the applıcatıon of shadow to gıve a wow and ıntense look.


What i got.

I swiped and applied all the products just to have a feel and i must confess they are good, i wasn’t expecting anything short of what i got.The products are definitely a good buy and great for the prices they are going for.

Congratulations on your product line.

For Enquries on how to get this product please call 08020393333.

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