Khuraira Airbrush Machine Review.

Hey Guys,

It has been a very wet day in Lagos. Thank God its friday *dancing*

I was so excited when i got my Khuraira Airbrush machine last year Here. It has been a big investment into my business and am grateful and excited to share my review.


I had done my research online and Khuraira Airbrush Machine was top on my list. Why,because it was designed by a Nigerian Beauty Expert Mrs Khuraira Musa who totally understands our climatic weather and skintone.

First, I apply my moisturizer and primer and then spray the Airbrush foundation on.So that i have a longlasting and flawless application.-PAXP-deijE

Its buildable and adhere to the face (doesn’t glide down)
The Airbrush foundation shades are perfect for our skin tone
Its long lasting and gives a natural finish
You can even mix different foundation shades
It is very handy and easy to carry around
It has a camouflage concealer that works for under eye and a brush application
Its odourless
For oily skin you can use translucent powder to keep matte

It doesn’t have a stippling brush ( wish it had)
You will have to wash off your face because a wipe wont clean properly

I hope you you find this review helpful.Have you tried using Khuraira Airbrush machine? Kindly share your thoughts..

They will be at the Beauty Africa Exhibition and Conference 2015 , you can catch them there.Have you registered click here

Till my next post
Hugs and kisses


    • Hello Ovie, I am not sure how much it is currently but wen I got mine it was worth N120, 000. I am sure with the current change in dollar it might have gone up. Thanks for stopping by.

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