Makeup tips for rainy season.

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It just keeps coming back to me year after year , I remember in my formative years when i would go out in the rain to dance my heart out with not a single care in the world  and as I grew older , suddenly it began to matter , those things i never used to worry about became important – Now i have to avoid getting my hair wet ,  messing up my makeup , my shoes , my expensive bag etc  .  I really do  miss those days :(.

rainy day makeup

However change is good , we experience that in every facet of our lives  which is why it is important to deal with certain things as these changes occur. My makeup routine has changed since the the rain started  and here are some tips on how to transition your makeup routine to be suitable for rainy season.

Wash your face thoroughly because you won’t sweat as much and your makeup tends to stay on longer

Use a water based moisturizer instead of oil based to prevent water loss from the skin

Avoid oil control primers and liquid foundation makes sure you use powder generously

Use eyebrow gel /pencil and not Brow powder to avoid washing off during downpour

Use water proof mascara and eyeliner to avoid smudging

Use matte lipstick instead of gloss to avoid hair sticking on the lips

Use a lot of bronzers and blushes to make your face glow

You can get color umbrella to boost your mood

Wear more Capri pants or three quarter pants

Avoid white and bright color outfit because they can get stained easily

A critical  question I am sure many have on their minds is does Rain Water damage the skin?  Now, research shows that rain water contains pollutants ,dirt and grime and may damage  your hair and skin i will advise to avoid getting wet and  if you do get wet make sure you shower before you go to bed.

I love the rain and i am always elated when it pours which is why personally i don’t mind getting drenched  , i don’t run ,i just stroll under the rain.I feel all gentle and romantic and love to cuddle and snuggle with my boo 🙂  ,don’t listen to me i am all mushy when it comes to rain but the truth of it all is that it makes the day unbearable with the traffic and flooding in certain areas , it messes up those supposed -to-be-perfect outdoor events /owambe and all.

It’s OK to share with me , what do you love about the rainy season and how do you keep your makeup intact?

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  1. This tips are lovely, would adhere to it. especially wearing a waterproof eyeliner and using brow pencils instead of brow shadows…..cos av personally being affected.

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