Meet CEO of Elite Pro.

Today I bring to you the interview with Bimpe Onakoya who has over ten years industry experience spanning television, print, editorial shoots, advertising campaigns, bridal beauty, fashion shows and events. She has worked alongside some of the industry’s most influential photographers such as Kelechi Amadi Obi, top models, fashion designers and stylists.

Bimpe was lead Makeup Artist at such high profile events such as Arise Fashion Week 2011 and 2012, MTN Lagos Design and Fashion Week, Austrian Embassy Lace Fashion Show 2011 as well as having numerous magazine covers to her credit including MANIA and COMPLETE FASHION. Bimpe has an innate understanding İstanbul escort numaraları of color, great command of technique, flair and artistry that stands her out from the pack, she is a true professional.

Can we meet you?

My name is Bimpe Onakoya, head makeup artist at Elite Pro.

How did you start your journey into makeup?

Quite funny how I started , my best friend Judith Ogunniran was the makeup artist , I picked it off her, she was the one travelling all over the world and coming back with “orishirishi”(different kinds of) makeup products when we were still in secondary school .From there we picked interest, we were into magazines and adverts and anything that showed good makeup. Even when I gained admission into OAU(Obafemi Awolowo University) in 1993 my makeup was impeccably definitely not what we do now, but far better than what the crowd was doing back then, I later transferred to Unilag(University of Lagos) where I met Bayo Hastrup who became my mentor , I went official in 2003 though I was still with Bayo. we really had so much fun those days we did a lot of jobs together, fashion shows, editorials, advertorial etc., then Judith relocated to America and I took over her star client Agatha Amata (inside out).

Who inspired you/role model?

I really can’t say precisely, everybody who is artistic .I look at artists around the world -makeup artists, sculptors, photographers, graphics designers and I marvel at the level of creativity that goes into artistry, they inspire me ,even my students!

If you weren’t doing makeup what would you have done?

I was a banker maybe that what I would still be doing.

What makes your business standout?

I would love to say my dedication to my work and attention to details, my 7am is 7am ,no lateness is acceptable.

5 random things about you?

I used to be a Judoka (love to prank people)

Extremely shy but can talk makeup from now till kingdom come

When I am not working I read

I run a very successful modeling agency

Advise to upcoming MUA.

Master your artistry, there lies your success and fame. Drink, Dream makeups, research constantly seek for knowledge and try not to over copy. Create your own image and every other thing will fall into place. And don’t be too arrogant remember you are still called upcoming.

Who do you admire globally?

Pat Mc Grath , she can never do anything wrong in my eyes.

Makeup done by Bimpe.

Makeup done by Bimpe

Makeup done by Bimpe
Thank you so much for your time ma.

Till my next post,


  1. I never knew aunty bimpe is into makeup. i met her once through her sista shile.Keep up the good work misykona. You are my mentor

  2. Ok. I Love Bimpe Ogunmakin now Onakoya. I have worked closely with her and am so amazed how she works around with the “bone structure” of her clients and that makes her unique.
    I like it when artist don’t have to hide anything about the looks they create or have created, it goes a long way in encouraging others. Bimpe is one of them.
    She’s just Amazing, Free with all and a lady with a good heart. Funily as much as hides herself,her works bring her out, Keep it up.May God bless you. Thanks Yemisi for posting this.

  3. I have seen a lot of work and makeup artisary; aunty Bimpe’s work is unique. I have had d priviledge of meeting her in person and i can say her personality is that of class missed with simplicity/humility. She is just a wondful person and great makeup-artist.

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