Permanent Makeup – Yes or Nay.

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It’s been a somewhat fast week, I can hardly believe it’s almost weekend, I trust things are turning out just fine.

I went visiting my Mom on Sunday,we were having a great time chatting when she suddenly asked me where she can get permanent makeup done. I was so stunned!!! My mom happens to be over 60 years old and I don’t know where she got the idea from.

I probed further to find out what prompted the sudden need for permanent makeup, her reasons were that she hardly has time to apply makeup and even when she applies, it doesn’t turn out as perfect as how I usually apply on her face.

This conversation prompted me to share my opinion on permanent Makeup and the perks that have caused a 60 year old woman to think along those lines.

Permanent Makeup is like tattooing a body part, it’s a process where you inject pigments into the deep layer of the skin and the outer layer is often shed after which it renews itself from time to time.

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The enhancement is usually done on body features such as eyebrows, eyeliner (Bottom and Top) lip liner, lip stain, beauty mark and skin camouflage.

There are several reasons why people want to do permanent makeup some of which are because it saves time and you wake up with a well made-up face daily. It also works perfectly for those who are physically challenged and incapable of applying makeup.

Permanent makeup is a great solution for a makeup novice, there is no mistake whatsoever. It is just great for people with oily skin (no smudging), doesn’t require retouching and of course doesn’t fade easily.

I believe we all know that there are two sides to a coin, so before you start running of to get your permanent makeup done you need to know that if wrongly done it can’t be undone easily.

Swelling can occur around the eye area (you can use ice block to reduce swelling after procedure), for permanent eyeliner side effects such as bleeding and bruising can occur .Tenderness can be experienced after the swelling but tenderness will fade.

A great concern for me is the risk of infection, this can lead to very drastic sore but I think this can be helped with the use of antibiotic ointment.

It’s important that you are sure you don’t have ALLERGIC REACTION before going for a permanent makeup otherwise consult a medical doctor. 

Also make sure you have seen the work of the artist who will do your permanent makeup (Catalogue, Portfolio or Referral)

I have seen a couple of ladies with permanent sad face or suprised look just because the eyebrows where badly done and imagine one having to live with that for a long time.

My advice to my mom and anyone who is above 50 years out there who is considering permanent makeup is that you don’t try it at all because at that age it is risky.

Feel free to share your permanent makeup experience with me,look forward to hearing from you beauties.

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