Non-toxic nail polish and nail remover for my personal use

Hey beauties,

We all need a reason to live, life might be full of ups and downs but it is well worth living. I am still shocked at the death of one of the best storytellers on the surface of this earth – Anthony Bourdain. I am saddened at his death even though it is a wake up call for us to be more sensitive to the emotions of others, he had a perfect life behind the screen and off the screen he was dealing with a lot. Pardon me for the digression, I just felt a huge burden to encourage someone to speak out if you are going through any form of depression.

Ok so back to the subject matter, I am currently obsessed with living a natural life and trying to do away with toxic and harmful ingredients in products and food.It’s not easy but trust me it is worth it ­čÖé

I found this nail polish and polish remover at some store in Lagos and I felt the strong urge to share with everyone, the picture below is arranged from right to left-  Essie nail polish (partner in crime), Loreal Paris in Nude, Inglot breathable polish in 628, Akira Nigeria Dali nail remover with strawberry (Vitamin E) and the  Glams Makeup nail lacquer in Nude 6 and top coat.

I have done extensive research and found out that toxic nail polishes with harmful chemicals/ingredients cause cancer, hormonal imbalance, infertility, attention issues, behavioral issues, asthma, obesity, low IQ, burning throat or lungs and labored breathing or shortness of breath (EPA).

If you come across any of them with the following ingredients such as formaldehyde, toluene, dibutylphthalate etc , you might want to drop them back on the shelf for your peace of mind.

What Natural nail Polish have you tried and can recommend?

Till my next post,

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