Building your personal Makeup kit.

Hello Everyone,
Can somebody please tell the sun that we agree to its supremacy, you own the day and can decide to display your strength and dominion I mean gosh, it’s like 30 degrees in Lagos nowadays and this is one of those unrepentant moments that I can’t wait for the rainy season, if one is not careful one can easily pass out due to dehydration and sun stroke. Although in other parts of the world like the UK people are complaining its mad cold we are having the exact opposite, I really don’t understand this climatic meltdown .
However, due to the present climatic conditions, it is important to be-in-the-know when shopping for makeup items. Ideally, there are some questions you need to ask yourself in order to avoid buying what you won’t need, questions such as:
What is my skin type? (Do you have oily skin, dry skin or combination skin?)
How do I want to look with my makeup (Glam, Natural?)
How much time do I have to spend on makeup application daily (10-15mins, 20-30 mins)
Are you always indoor or outdoor? (This will determine how long your makeup will last)
Which do I love more lipsticks or eye shadows?


Once you have answered these questions then you can customize your shopping for products and you will be very sure you have what you need some of which are:
A makeup bag where you can arrange your makeup product in and then a makeup purse where you can have your must-haves example: makeup items that you use daily
Lipsticks, lip glosses, lip pencils
Eyeshadows, eyeshadow primer, Mascara
Eyeliner pencils (Black and anyother colour)
Eyebrow brow pencil (dark brown)
Foundation (avoid creamy foundation if you have oily skin)
Concealers ( if you have spots and blemish to cover)
Face moisturizer with SPF 50 to prevent sun burn and taking out moisture from your face.
Blush and Bronzer (occasional use)
Blot powder or finishing powder for touch ups (not compulsory)
Makeup setting mist (MAC Fix +)
Makeup remover wipes
Blot paper to blot oil 
cotton buds to clean off areas around the eyes and lips
Brush Cleaner for washing your makeup brushes
Hand mirror
Oil control lotion or oil matifier for oily skin
Personal Makeup brushset for precise makeup aplication
NOTE: When shopping for your powder and foundation, make sure it’s your exact color; using a shade or two lighter could be very disastrous J
P.S Maureen I hope I have helped you a little but with what you need to start shopping for.
Till my next post,
Much Love ,

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