Product Awareness – Foundations (Part 1)

Hello people,

You know i have missed y’all right ? It feels refreshing to be back after my short disappearance from here.Thanks for all the calls, text and pings, i am indeed still very much alive , only had to take a break to get my sanity back ­čÖé  .I am pretty sure you are already catching the Christmas bug.

Earlier this week a friend of mine wanted clarification on what other types of foundation are available aside from Marykay and Black Opal stick foundation and i  told her i would write a post so everyone could learn a thing or two , as a makeup product junkie / addict, you know I love to share knowledge and my experiences.

I am constantly trying ankara escort out new products and brands , I enjoy shopping  and researching  for my personal  kit or for my client , i try as much as possible to eliminate trial and error methods, i sometimes follow reviews on YouTube but the truth is this isn’t always helpful  as some of the reviews have been paid for and there is even the difference in climate factor and skin tone.

According to Wikipedia, Foundation is a skin colored Cosmetic applied to the face to create an even, uniform color to the complexion, to cover flaws and, sometimes, to change the natural skin-tone’

It is very important to note that when shopping for foundation your skin type is ” Priority” and of course the climate you live in .For instance, if you have oily skin you need to buy eski┼čehir escort oil- free foundation ,if you have Dry skin you buy Cream/ stick or Moisturizing foundation and if you have Normal/Combination skin you can buy foundation that will give you Medium to Full coverage.

Coverage is key, SHEER  makes buca escort< your skin look like you barely have any foundation on since it’s not so pigmented you can have  LIGHT Coverage , MEDIUM coverage or FULL coverage.

To get a perfect and flawless bursa escort finish apply with a stippling brush , beauty blender /makeup wedge, finger or airbrush machine.


Some of the Foundation on Display


L-R Covergirl, MAC Studio fix, Black Opal Even Tone, Makeup for Ever HD foundation, BMPRO, Kuddy Cosmestics, Akira, Kat Von D, Blackup Cream foundation, AJcrimson, Maybelline Super Stay, Tint HD Foundation, Marykay Medium Coverage,Blackup Fluid line Foundation, Maybelline Dream Mattte Mouse, Blackopal Stick Foundation,  William Tuttle IMG_1946

L-R Covergirl, MAC Studio fix Finish, Blackopal Even Tone, Makeup for Ever HD foundation, BMPRO, Kuddy Cosmestics, Akira, Kat Von D, Blackup cream foundation.IMG_1949

Maybelline Super stay, AJ CRIMSON,  Tint Foundation, Marykay Medium Coverage, Blackup Fluid line, Maybelline Dream Mattte Mouse, Blackopal Stick , William Tuttle.IMG_1988

Mary Kay Medium Coverage foundation is an amazing product . it has a medium coverage its also buildable to full coverage . It stays matte especially when you prime with anti shine for a ,longer periood.I will advise you buy directly from dealers to avoid buying fake.The undertone works perfectly for our skin tone and complexion.

IMG_1959AJ CRIMSON BB+D cream is a beauty balm that works as a foundation and it evens out the skin, Hydrates, brightens ,protects , Renew and has a great coverage as well.Perfect for Dry and combination skin . If you want light to medium coverage this is your Great.


William Tuttle Cream foundations works well for dry skin,it has heavy coverage , it can hide Pimples , Scars and black spots but its very oily.For best result Use a Mattiffier and Makeup Setting mist, Avoid the sun or even hot environment or else it will move. . Its perfect for Dry Skin and can be used especially for editorial for best result set with powder.

IMG_1983Tint Hi Def (HD) Foundation gives a semi matte finish and a medium coverage,It gives a natural finish . It beautiful for Photoshoot and TV.


Covergirl Queen Collection All Day Wear.Gives a Flawless natural finish as well, i it can be worn alone or set with lil bit of powder , very pigmented and covers spots..Long lasting and amazing for darker skin tones.

IMG_1980BMPRO Oil free foundation is best for very oily skin and combination skin , its a long wear, full coverage and oil-free ÔÇô this is one miraculous foundation with or without primer still works great.I love the pigmentation its so warm and rich, a little goes a long way.Hold well under the sun too.

IMG_1963Maybelline Super Stay is very effective for people who sweats a lot , it has Micro Flex formula that helps to keep the foundation matte for hours without smearing .I personally love Maybelline Dream Mattte Mousse. i loveee it! A Mousse is liquid makeup with air whipped in, making it lighter and smoother. So this makes the application blend in like a dream.great for oily skin and combination skin apply with a stippling brush for best result.I sometimes wear alone without setting with powder and kit still looks great.

IMG_1968MAC Studio Fix Foundation perfect for people with dry skin and combination skin .Gives a natural matte finish its buildable coverage and has  UVA/UVB SPF 15  helps minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections, giving skin a smoother, more flawless look and finish .if worn alone it can become sticky after a while best works with a mattifier as a base and set with Powder.

IMG_1971Akira Satin foundation is best for very dry skin and would love light dewy coverage,Set with powder to give a fantastic finish. If not properly blended it can move and leave patches on the face.Bercause it has a Satin finish it looks a little bit glowy and can move easily if not set with enough powder.


Kuddy Cosmestics Foundation is waterproof , dries to a matte finish and has spf 15.Its a perfect match for someone who has oily skin.If you sweat alot you might also want to consider getting this product .its long lasting and it wont come off without using a makeup remover or wipe.

IMG_1974Black Opal Stick Foundations. This product is so thick that it can be used as a concealers as well. It gives heavy Full coverage . Black opal Even True Foundation which gives a Moderate to full coverage. Its Brightens,  Velvety-smooth, Fragrance free and its Oil free Foundation and is hydrating

IMG_1956Blackup Fluid line foundation gives a very natural and medium to full coverage , its builddable , moisturises ,covers spots .Blackup cream foundation gives a heavy and full coverage his new foundation hides the most severe imperfections to create a flawless complexion without caking. creamy texture perfectly conceals flaws and blemishes for a totally smooth looking skin.


Makeup forever HD Foundation gives a very flawless ,silky natural finish. Its an Oil Free foundation gives medium to full coverage and its very buildable.Its Perfect for TV. KatVonD  gives a fuller coverage and smooth finish ,stays all day (24hrs) on the face and doesn’t transfer or smear..A high-pigment foundation for full coverage with a long-lasting, beautiful finish.

The foundations vary in prices between N1300- N15,000 Each.Have you tried any of these foundations?  What is your favorite ?  IÔÇÖd love to hear your thoughts !

Till my next post,

Hugs and kisses,



  1. Job weldone @yemisi. I have tried couple of them. But my favourite is the Blackup you get the value for your money and it’s a must have. I am surprise @ a point you made “people paying for review of products” that deceitful though.

  2. thanks for the info yemisi i really make use of blackup fluid a lot cos one its water base its conceals an d gives a good coverage and besides i think all these foundation is a must for pro muas.

  3. Good job Nsure beauty studio for the review ! I’m a very dark skin person with kinda oily face especially when sweating. Although, i live in Canada. I was told not to use Mac foundation due to my oily face. I use Maybeline Newyork Fit me foundation 355 SPF 18, my face still get messy even with the FIT ME powder. Please what advice do you have for me as a very dark skin person? Thank you.

    • Hello Des,I think you need to get a good Primer/ anti shine / oil control that can help hold the oil secretion on your face.Next apply your foundation and set with your powder.Thanks for stopping by.Muah.

    • Hello Yetty, You can get it from Gifty’s Daughter Store, its at Store 301, Bloomsbury plaza, Opposite KISS FM Wuse 2 Abuja.Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Weldone Yemisi! I ve tried a few of them n i totally agree with you. Have you tried graftobian foundation? Latest foundation in my kit n i just need someone else’ opinion on d product. By the way, how is the airbrush kit u coveted from me? Lol.

    • I must confess i have tried it out (khuraira Airbrush machine) just once, and the comments i got on that day was soo overwhelming, i want to try it on again and make sure am outdoor for a long time.So far i am loving it!!! God bless you so much.Review coming up shortly *winking*

  5. Weldoe Yemisi. I totally agree with ur reciew on a few of d foundations i ve tried. Have you tried graftobian foundation? I think it blends well but i need other ppl’s opinions. In other news, how is d Khuraira airbrush kit you coveted from my wish? Lol.

  6. Nice one at yemisi love that part I explained each foundation for different skin tones and type, this should help people a lot

  7. Great post. I’m a bit of a foundation fiend and it’s nice to see a post like this cos the base is so important for the rest of the makeup. My fav foundation is Dior Star Foundation. It’s one of those ‘new generation matte’ foundations. It feels matte and lasts long yet it glows and never looks cakey or unnatural. If it ever gets discontinued I might sue Dior. I also love Giorgio Armani luminous silk but it can’t withstand the heat in naija but it photographs like a dream. It gives a my skin but better look.

  8. The one used for me on my sis wedding was simply d best. My makeup lasted all day despite my oily face.. I called u endlessly and u didn’t pick #sadface. Won’t get tired tho

  9. I quite agree with you on Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse. It leaves the face smooth and natural. I’d love to try BM pro foundation too. However, I was discouraged from using Black up, guess I’ll have to try it out myself. Mac and MaryKay had always been a life saver. Thanks for the review. Cheers.

  10. Hey, stumbled on your blog. Love it. I’m a newly converted makeup enthusiast. I use mac nw50 powder. What of thsee foundations which also work as concealer would you recommend ? Ah affordable as well I had used smashbox studio skin 15 hour wear buthe when I took pictures..I looked white yikes!!

    • Hello Pepi,i wont be able to recommend a foundation if i don’t know your skin type can you call me on 08023623119. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Hello, nice work done here, please where can I get the maybelline dream matte mousse..i av searched every where since I fell in love with it after trying it out in cocao 70 but I wldnt just find any. I am lagos based. Thanks

  12. Hello ma’am,
    As an upcoming artist, what brands of foundation/powder would u recommend for a start.
    I stalk ur blog everyday to see if there’s been a new blogpost. Keep the flag flying

  13. I find these posts and write-up very appealing esp also getting addresses of where to buy them from. Any other place I can get the Kat von D lock it from aside Giftys, I don’t like snobs, pisses me off. I’ll give Black up a try too, saw it on someone’s face and the coverage n texture was Maddddd!! I sweat a whole lot on my face and also oily, shud I go for the liquid or cream foundation? I need full coverage please, thanks

  14. I wanted to gt blackup but was discouraged, sane thing for Mac pro long wear foundation. I really really need your suggestion on which foundation to get that stays long, cover well and matte without breaking my face out..I am oily skin and it gets worse…..anticipating a quick reply.

  15. Hi all,
    I usually wear marykay medium cream foundation #607. Can you recommend a shade in blackUp foundation in tgat shade please.

    • Hello Onyi,
      I only know of Blackup Lagos stores, But i can find out if they have a branch in Abuja. Thanks for stopping by.

  16. Hi Yemisi, I want to get either a maybelline fit me foundation or a black opal true color creme stick foundation, which one would you recommend. I also waned to try black up but it’s pretty costly. I use mary kay 600, which shade is right for me in the maybelline fit me or black opal. Thanks, nice post. Your foundation collection is pretty superb btw

    • Hey Tomiwa, i if you wear Mary Kay 600, you can use Blackopal Creme stick foundation in Nutmeg,but i will confirm the shade you will use FIT ME!Matte + Poreless Foundation In coconut355.Please Note that your skin type is also very important.Thanks for stopping by.

      • Hi ma, I was just going through all your posts, but now as an aspiring makeup artist and not just a makeup enthusiast. I saw that I left this comment ages ago. We go back a long way! I still love your blog.

  17. Informative.Really luv ur blog,nice one,pls reply on graftobian hd foundatn just got it too & need ur opinion on it.

  18. This is really nice and helpful. But which products of foundation would you advice me to use on clients as an upcoming artist.

  19. Hi yemisi, have been using Mary Kay foundation in shade 607 for a couple of years now n it fit perfectly well for my skin now I feel like changing into something new have heard of how nice black up foundation is. Please what shade can u recommend for my skin tone.

    • Black up i can recommend because it gives great coverage and works with our tropical weather. Although i will advise you get the the Mattifying foundation if you have oily skin.Thanks Faizah for stopping by.

  20. Hello misidreads. Please what’s the difference between Marybkay 600,and 607? Is it possible that someone using 607 can use 600? Next question is, I have a dry sensitive skin and I kinda want to take my skin care seriously so what do you think about Marykay timewise luminous foundation or what better brand can you prescribe for me. . . black up, Mac or anyone. Thanks.

  21. Hi Yemisi, jst came across ur blog n love, love, love it. grt job, God bless u 4 d info. So I currently use Marykay 507, wat ll be my shade in Blackup foundation. Tanx

  22. Hi Yemisi,
    You are just doing a great job. Please I really wish to get a black up foundation that will cover my acne scars mostly. I am currently using Mary kay 507 foundation and planning to go to Lekki shoprite to pick up one. Please which one should I buy? I have been online searching and searching until I came across your blog. Please help!

  23. Hi…really informative blog. Please which would u recommend…blackup foundation or the mac prolongwear waterproof nourishing foundation? And let me know if they are transfer-resistant also. Thanks

    • I would say it depends on the skin type.If you have oily skin you can buy Blackup Matifing foundation but if you sweat alot you can buy Mac Pro long wear.

  24. I use black up mattifying foundation but I have a normal skin and I was adviced against the mattifying foundation cos of my skin type….what do you think and advice on a better option

  25. Hello Misidreads.
    Thanks a million for such an awesome, detailed post. This is such a life saver.
    I have a super oily t-zone and sweat like crazy. What foundations would you recommend – both drugstore and high end.


  26. Thanks so much for a detailed write up on foundations and powders.pls what kind of foundation can I use that can last 12 hours, cover up black spots and take up sweat and loads of oil from my face.
    Thanks soooooooooo much for the quick response.

    • Hey Tracey, I would recommend Select cover Up concealer from MAC or Blackup Full coverage for foundations. For powder Buy MAC Mineralise skin finish.

  27. Hi. thanks for all the Info you always give on your blog..pls,i would like to know where i can buy original powders and foundations in Lagos.
    Thank u.cheers

  28. Thanks for this wonderful info Yemi….indeed a lifesaver,I recently bought the blackup full coverage foundation, I was given HC08, believe me I look like an Red woman from Mars, horrible. I plan to just throw it away cos I can’t stand seeing it.
    Please what do you think is my shade in Black up full coverage foundation and Mac prolong nourishing waterproof foundation..I am a Mary Kay 600 with yellow undertone

  29. Hi Yemisi,
    I just stumbled on your blog this morning and this post is very interesting because i have been looking for answers. I have gone through youtube and researched online looking for the best drugstore foundation for oily skin. I have been using mary kay bronze 507 for the past 3 years. The two foundations people of been screaming about online recently are revlon 24 hrs color stay and Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. which one do you think is the best option to switch too? and what shade is the best alternative against marykay bronze 507

    Hope to hear from you soon

  30. Hello, I’m a make-up newbie and I just want your suggestion on a very good foundation to go for. I’m dark skinned with an oily face. I haven’t used foundation before.

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