Product Review – Maybelline Fit Me Poreless Foundation.

Hello Beauties,

How are you all hanging in there ? Yep, the month has ended again, just like that . I cant believe June is upon us , at this rate we will soon be exchanging Christmas greetings . I must say it’s been an eventful first half 🙂

I guess you know by now my obsession with foundation/ powder and makeup /beauty products in general. I am constantly trying and experimenting , looking for what will suit our skin tone, that is safe (wont cause breakout) ,works with our tropical weather and is affordable.

The Maybelline Fit Me poreless foundation has 24 shades in all but the most suitable for our skin tones are 8 shades – 322 Warm honey, 330 Tofee,  332 Golden caramel, 335 Classic Tan, 338 Spicy brown, 340 Cappuccino, 355 coconut, 360 Mocha

For those Familiar with Mary Kay foundation , I did a close comparison.

322 Warm Honey- Mary Kay 500( with a little beige undertone)

330 Tofee – Mary Kay 500

332 Golden Caramel -(  for those in between Mary Kay 507 and 607)

335 Classic Tan – Mary Kay 507& 607

338 Spicy brown – Mary Kay 607/507

340 Cappuccino – Mary Kay 600 / 708

355 coconut -Mary Kay 607

360 Mocha- Mary Kay 607 /708

Unfortunately for me, the darkest shade (my shade )is not available. Mocha is the darkest shade , I hope they manufacture for dark skin soon,A shade that will match Maybelline cacao powder (With rich black undertone and not red)

Read My Verdict after the pictures.








I used Maybelline Fit me Matte Poreless foundation in Coconut on Iyanu


Its a liquid foundation that feels lightweight and has medium coverage

It sets relatively fast

Use with a primer and it wont oxidize( goes darker after a while)

It stays on decently well.


It gives a semi matte finish for those with super oily skin.

You do have to touch up during the day, just a little blot or something( especially under Nigeria Sun and heat)

It highlights dry patches if not properly blended or if you do not use a primer.

The packaging is a big turnoff, it is in a bottle which means it can break easily and doesn’t come with a pump .

The foundation is liquid and comes out very fast so it’s a mess and waste of product

It’s has always been a challenge to find a good foundation works with our tropical weather and skin tone. I got mine from a certified Maybelline distributor. It retails for N4200 or just give me a call.

Have you used this foundation before , kindly share your experience in the comment box

Till my next post,

love and kisses.



  1. Please is it certain that Mocha 360 is equivalent to Mary Kay 708? And does the fit me matte covers more compared to Mary Kay because am contemplating on switching to fit me matte for good coverage and I need advise. Thank you

  2. Nice review, I want to switch from Mary Kay 507 because I felt it made my face too orange, please what is the right shade of this foundation for me

    • Hello dearie, Do you stay in Lagos? You can visit there store in Surulere, opp the shop rite there and they will run a test on you to help with your exact shade.Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for the review. Can you suggest on a good foundation that is matte enough then expecially because of our hot weather here. One that last lone enough and you dont have to blot often. Thanks

  4. Hello,
    I’d like to get the 338 – spicy brown. You said to give you a call but i cant find a number to reach you at. How do i get around this?

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