Effect of Acquiring Vocational Skill.

Hi there beautiful people,
I want to quickly reach out to all my Muslim friends, here’s wishing you a Happy Eid –el- Fitri celebration.

Lately, I have had a lot of concerned parents asking me if I can engage their daughters by teaching them how to tie gele (head tie), makeup application etc.  I learnt from my parents at an early age the need for a child to be empowered by learning a vocational skill, and I can’t thank them enough.  

It is summer time and a lot of parents have no idea how to engage their kids. It’s a Ataşehir escort manken good time to observe what they like to do and guide them on that path, for instance some children indicate at an early age their interest in clothing, hair styling, fashion designing, baking/ catering, sport, repairing spoilt electrical gadget, writing, comedy, DJ, graphic design, photography, acting, dancing, bead making, makeup artistry, singing or just generally being good at coordinating and planning things.

Once you have identified that talent, you can start to look for a place where they can develop deneme bonusu such talent and not discourage them because most of the professions we have today weren’t even considered as professions some years back.I would also want to encourage young student that are at home due to ASUU strike to learn a skill while they await the call off of the strike, I trust you are conversant with the saying  “an idle hand is the devils workshop”. 

Who would have thought that jobs like standup comedy, Dj-ing, dancing, photography, event planning could pay bills, but ironically nowadays some of them are living better and more are even more fulfilled than some bankers and lawyers.
You don’t have to struggle through life once you have discovered what you are wired to do, you can turn your Passion to your profession and you will definitely excel. For example if world famous  Bill Gates didn’t drop out of college to pursue his IT dreams we won’t be where we are today technologically, which is not to say school is bad or unimportant in any way , the keywords here are passion and dedication.
Another set of example on our local shore are the comedians like Ali Baba, Basket Mouth, Julius Agwu etc., they are all graduates but they still went into a seemingly virgin field and today they earn well by doing what they love to without struggling to be funny, meanwhile if I by any chance dabble into comedy today I won’t excel because that isn’t my talent, and the same goes for them as well. The education they had made it easy for them to relate to people and to package and better relay their jokes in less crass manner that we were used to before now.I know of a lady who studied political science, from University of Lagos. She sells raw food stuff to top management staff of organizations that can’t go to the market due to the nature of their busy schedule. She buys, cleans and blends into a container neatly and supplies at their doorstep; she earns good money from doing what she enjoys doing. 

So who says you can’t make money from you doing what you love? Just take time to reflect, make a list of what you love to do, make sure you are very comfortable with them and go for it. Trust me, it could be anything and remember too that education is what makes you stand out and gives you an edge to a whole new market .If you already work, you can still make a change if you aren’t happy with your job, i know a lot of bankers that are part time fashion designers, makeup artists, event planner and so on. While some pulled out and started on another career path because for them it wasn’t about the pay anymore, it was doing what they love and making an impact.

When you pursue your passion you are able to change and bring development to your chosen field, for example House of Tara birthed the era of professional Makeup Artistry in Nigeria. Event planning, comedy, music etc. are all at a whole new level in Nigeria.

Ok so you started and failed, try again and look for mentors in that your chosen field to guide you or you could just research on the internet using the ever trusty Google search engine.

Don’t waste your time blaming others for your current situation, start small and watch how you grow.


This is my little contribution to humanity and to those are at crossroads, understand that it is important to follow your passion and live a fulfilled life. After all you won’t be on this earth forever.
Till my next post,

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  1. Nice one sweetie…..nice one! Its surprising to find some pple who still feel vocational skill acquisition r irrelevant, in this day and age.
    Will share this link. U just wrote my mind.

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