Hey beauties, come shop with me at Sephora Sydney + my haul. This is my first time going to any Sephora store in Australia, although I have been to the one in Dubai and seen the one in London. Hence, my excited to go so I can make comparison. I went during the Black Friday sales which made lots of sense because most of the products were discounted. The one I visited was at Westfield plaza Paramatter The story product layout was easy to navigate and was not overwhelming or too stimulating which is a big plus for me. It was also a n opportunity to familiarize myself with the new releases and brands.

I will return anywhere I have a good buying experience. I was at Sephora last week for ‘Black Friday,’ even though I had no intention of purchasing anything, I just wanted to look at new releases but the fragrance aisle caught my attention, so I strolled over and tested perfumes. I got confused on which to pick, when I glanced behind me, I saw her with a wide smile on her face saying, “Can I help you with anything?” She was understanding, patient, and knowledgeable about the products. She guided me in selecting what I was looking for.

Sephora in Westfield Mall Paramatta

The display unit had gift ideas for your loved ones for Christmas which made shopping pretty easy. The gift card is also and option to consider. Meanwhile you can also get signed up for Sephora Membership card which allows you shop at discounts.

Lastly, I noticed this Display stand called “The next Big Thing” which was introducing new brands into the retail market. This way you can test and patronise indie beauty brands. There was another shelve for minis which I t aught was a smart business idea, you could get some of your favorite brand in travel size if you dont want to commit to the big size

My haul – Travel Size Perfume

I got myself a travel size perfume from Juliette has a gun Lust for Sun. Looking back on that experience, I can see why SEPHORA invests so heavily on training their staff. This is to let you know, a business is only as powerful as its consumer service representative. Is good experience with business important to you ?

Till my next post, lots of love. Misykona.

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