The life of a perceived “layabout Makeup artist”

Makeup artist

Hey beauties,

I was tagged in a post on Instagram and I swore I wasn’t going to get involved but then I realized that keeping quiet is the reason why we are battling with this perception İzmir Escort problem.

Makeup artist
Makeup artist

A lot of makeup artists are perceived as layabouts, loafers, no-do-goods, runs girls and the list just  goes on and on, there was a particular individual that mentioned that our kits are just worth a measly 40k, imagine that, how uniformed the supposedly informed people are, a typical MAC foundation costs 18k5, Lacombe foundation costs 23k, now how about that? Last I checked I have all these products from different brand in different quantities .

Now, the question is why won’t people perceive makeup artists as layabouts? Almost every home boasts of a makeup artist, which is not an entirely bad thing right ? Infact, I support the more the merrier phrase but in this case the more is causing a lot of headaches due to the low barrier to entry, some do not even get the requisite training and just like that BOOM! A makeup artist is born. The industry is large and fast growing with international investors trooping in, I am guessing that is another attraction.

So here’s the thing, every profession is infiltrated but it doesn’t necessarily demean that profession now does it ? There are few of us that have put our blood and sweat into this profession to make it right and stand out as it ought to, alas, the perception seems to be getting worse and I think it’s time to say enough of the madness and so I am going to quickly run you through my own personal career advancement in the “layabout” makeup profession.

I started this layabout makeup profession in my 200L  when I was studying economics at the Lagos state university ( I have since gone back for my Msc in Human resource planning),since then I haven’t looked back and this layabout profession has really been good to me.

In the course of laying about I also decided to attend a certificate course in entrepreneurship at the Lagos business school after which I  managed the Nouba brand for a little while alongside my makeup studio called Nsure beauty studio.

Then, I really got into the layabout spirit and decided to experience MAC cosmetics, if  I was going to be good at laying about I need to see how the international layabouts do it. Well, it was as expected, there were a lot of layabout trainings and exposure.I also laid about with some other international brands like Maybelline and Inglot.

I then thought to myself, OK, I think I am certified layabout now, I run a beauty blog that educates fellow layabouts and people that have interests in laying about, I have a layabout studio that has produced several layabouts that doing great in this layabout business of ours, I am part of the advocates for the makeup artists guild which is positioned to help the industry advance, I have several collaborations with top newspaper houses and I have been featured on buzzed, I also have partnership with many beauty brands , it was time to take this layabout thing to another level.

I birthed a wholly  indigenous brand called Beauty Essentials by Nsure that provides beauty essential tools and products to make this laying about business easier for us to loaf some more. I can humbly say it is well accepted by layabouts they are loving the lazy appeal it gives them.

I am still working tirelessly on how I can layabout some more as the Lord gives me strength. It is time that the world knows that layabout is serious business, it has a defined career path if you do it right, so it’s alright for any individual to say what he/she feels cause the last I checked, it’s still a free world right?  But then, even with all the freedom we need to do proper research and find out what the actual facts are before bashing other people’s dignity, it’s gone on for so long and the world needs to know that we are not joking with this layabout thing that we İzmit Escort do.

The cost of a makeup box and gadgets (lights , Camera etc) could buy a car, a makeup artist upgrades him/herself regularly in emerging trends, a makeup artist is educated, a makeup artist will give you a run for your money in any reasonable discussion, makeup artistry is a real business – no joke. Some of us know where we are going and we are following the passion and drive that can lead to future empires, we are coming …..WATCH OUT!


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Hugs and Kisses,

Shameless beauty addict,



  1. Hi, I think it happens in other profession too. I have a MSC and BSC yet I dropped them for a diploma in makeup. Been in the industry for 8 years now, I don’t fully focus on being a Mua but I sell makeup and beauty products and have my own brand. Ive met people along the way who aren’t even educated, yet their makeup artistry is on point. Most of these ppl are self taught and although they aren’t famous yet they are doing great jobs. So each to their own. A makeup certificate is good but by all means not necessary. And What is the purpose of the Union ? What does joining it entail cuz honestly it doesnt stop how little minds view this profession of ours and I don’t seem to understand why the brouhaha about joining the guild . It is not by force and to be honest, there’s too much favouritism going on. everyone should focus on their focus, leave struggling muas alone, they may not be great today but you don’t know about tomorrow.

  2. Spot on! One even looked at me and said “you’re too intelligent for this ” hah is it your intelligent? Meanwhile he works for the state govt, hates his job and earns less than 60k monthly. . . Now tell me who is “too intelligent for this”

  3. The best… Thank you and God bless for this. Worth my time… “Layabout” indeed”. With a degree and more … That’s how i get looked at even from family and friends sometimes. I keep getting, “it’s not a real profession”, “Your degree is a real profession” It’s so sad… Very little support! Meanwhile… As much as advancing in Education in that light is awesome… Makeup and beauty has my heart and everyone sees this even before my degree… Sometimes it gets frustrating.

  4. Thanks for this post. I just love the sarcasm and I completely agree with you. I am working hard to stand out in the industry so I can properly earn the term ‘artist’ so I won’t be just another grain of sand in this beach of muas. God help us

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