10 Tips on how to grow your business.

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For us partial and you active football lovers ,i want to say congratulations on the progression to  the last sixteen , hope we make it to the quarter finals :). In the spirit of the celebration , i am going to touch on an issue i have received all manner of question on.

People ask me – “how do i  grow a start up business? ” , this question has come in different forms but yet mean one and the same thing.  I then had to come  up with the following ( tried and tested by me ) and i am pretty sure you can relate them to every other businesses aside makeup which could be fashion designing, cake making,event planning ,photography, bead making etc.

There are many challenges , trust me  and i must confess it could be very frustrating running a business in Nigeria as you provide most of the basic facilities like electricity ,  security  and so many other things depending on the business. However, despite all these cons some of us have been able to find a way to thrive and make business work.


1)Get more customers :  How do i do this you may ask ??  because you need to have enough customers to keep you in business , lowering your prices won’t keep your customer it will lower your profit margin and immediately competition offers  lower a lower price , they will move to where the action is instead sell your services based on your value proposition , this is what they will benefit from using your services rather than how much they are paying.

2)Increase frequency of business:  It is  important to get more people to spend more on your services and getting them to do repeat business over and over again, try to build a relationship with your clients and always check on them ,send them text messages, bbm broadcasts  etc whatever keeps you constantly keep in touch.

3)Transactional value : Clients are willing to pay more once they sense it is worth the amount and that they are getting their money’s worth. Ensure that you provide the best service and always use quality products in order to offer more value. Always leave your clients  with  a memorable experience.

4)Perfect your skill : If you feel you need to upgrade your skill and technique, by all means do, no one wants to pay for a shoddy job and you can confidently stand before anyone because you know your stuff.

5)Develop a complimentary card for you business indicating your services and products with your contact details i.e phone numbers , email address etc , it helps to give your business an air of professionalism.

6)Develop a portfolio for your work preferably soft copy that can be shared online and hard copy that can be mailed to clients.Especially if what you do is visual. your clients need to see and be convinced on what you can do.

7)Network with fellow colleagues/friends, family and people in your neighborhood ask for referrals from satisfied clients, other people in related industry photographers , event planner etc

8)Maximize the use of social media such as twitter,Facebook, Instagram, website, pin interest,blogs even blackberry , learn how to use relevant keywords, hastags, create groups, channels etc.

9)Brand your business : Have a particular color theme and a distinctive logo to set you apart from the competition.

10)Keep your expenses on the low , how much you spend on fuel, phone calls,transportation etc should be minimized so as not to eat into your profit

If you have any other tips that you have tried and has worked for you , kindly share below .Thank you.

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