10 Tips shopping for Makeup, Beauty ,Fragrance items at events.

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Yaaay !!!!!! It is here again and I am crazy excited .This weekend , i intend to live out my makeup fantasy and be on my worst makeup behavior  🙂 ,Catch me if you can this weekend as i will be exhibiting at the Lagos Makeup Fair 3, Misykona will be there by popular demand and for those that have been calling for consultancy, here’s your chance.

At the Misykona stand you can come pick up your Selfie sticks – The selfie stick is a retractable phone holder that allows you take that perfect picture without breaking your neck , a simple technology that works wonders (Hurry !!!! limited stock available)

Shopping with Osamu (CEO Beauty Matterz)
Taking a Picture with the Selfie stick(Doris CEO Lindoirs Cosmetics)



I have put together some tips on how to make the most of your time and money at any beauty/makeup events. Usually there are a lot of makeup products, beauty products, hair, fragrance etc to buy from, both indigenous and foreign brands so decision making isn’t an easy task, you might end up breaking the bank . It is most times overwhelming and you probably dont have a clue where to start from , OK  here are few tips to demystify event shopping :

Its pays know what you are looking for , preferably have a list.Specify what it is you want –  eyeshadow, mascara or lip gloss so that way you don’t end up with the products you dont need.

Make sure you consult a makeup artist or a sales person to educate you more about the brands and recommend what you need to you.

Testers / Samples are great ways of knowing if a product works well with you or not so that you can make an informed decision in buying i.e foundation, powder etc

Ask if they offer discount cards , this allows you to buy product products at reduced rates.

Return policy is very important ,find out if you can return the product in exchange for another or not.

Ask to be notified when they have sales

Dress comfortable-most times if your aren’t wearing the appropriate clothes it might be a big problem when shopping for makeup, be casual with a comfortable pair of shoes preferable sandals or sneakers

Don’t be in a hurry to buy, go round the stands and drop your name ,complimentary card and number,introduce yourself and network with others and try to have fun.I would also advise you go with a friend its more fun with a crowd.

Make sure you go with cash and  your ATM card to make your purchases

Don’t hesitate to ask for freebies..

See ya there!!!


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