Why you need a PRO Camera your Makeup Business.

The constant burden of attaining a high level of professionalism has caused me to always be on top of my game; doing things the right way to achieve the right results.

Experience garnered from my days at the Lagos business school has taught the importance of branding and the essential need to take perception as a key ingredient of my business. I delegate less and make sure everything is prim and proper.

One of the essential tools of branding for me in the make-up business is a good camera , my getting a camera was  borne out of the need to capture my works without having fear of disappointment from photographers who usually miss the details I want  to capture(Eye shadow, brows etc.)

A Sony point and shoot Camera.
My clients usually prefer I send them copies of my works, which is why I go the extra mile to get the right angles that show the beauty of the make-up applied .The pictures are my portfolio of make-up done for different clients, it affords me the freedom to experiment and freestyle without having to pay a photographer.

Don’t get me wrong the photographers are just as important but my point is most time the when I get pictures from photographers what they capture is entirely different from what I want.

When I am consulting for make-up artist just setting up and also when I am training my students I always include camera in their list; for my students, it helps to monitor their progress and improvement in their work.

The price of the camera is not synonymous to getting good pictures; it requires you understanding how to operate a camera and the skills of taking good sharp head shot which is all you need. If you can’t afford a Pro Camera yet, you can buy a point and shoot camera that has a good resolution and pixel.

I did my research while working  with a budget , the option was between a Canon and  a Nikon , I finally settled for a Canon anyways and I have no regrets .My Canon 1000D was just right for my new journey into photography although I needed other add-ons like external flash , reflector and lens .

My photographer friends told me it wasn’t all about the camera you buy but about the skill and creativity of the person behind the camera that makes a good picture.

It is important to note that the camera won’t cover or disguise a bad makeup done instead it magnifies your flaws and as a makeup artist be careful of how you Photoshop, don’t go cutting off the ears or nose.

Lighting and angles are key to getting a great shot, that way you won’t need to do so much editing.

Does having a camera increase demand for my service, a big emphatic YES it did. I now have lovely pictures of my clients and the prospective ones are so confident I will do a good job on their face this has helped me in building a professional image and portfolio.

Here a list of pro camera you can buy that are less than 120k

·       NikonD3000, D3100, D5000,

·       Canon 600D Canon rebel Canon 40D


Nikon Camera

Canon Rebel XT Series

Hope this helps clarify whatever doubts you have as to the need of a camera. Have fun shopping! 

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