Why I shut down my beauty brand 6 years after and moved abroad.

Hey beauties, I never talked about why I shut my down my beauty brand 6 years after and moved abroad. Here goes my story … It’s been 434 weeks (8.32 years) that I launched our first collection at Beauty Essentials by Nsure (BEN) in Nigeria , at first, it was clear makeup pouch, bag and eventually expanded into hygiene products which was the formulation of our very first Brush cleaner which has since become a staple in Makeup kit. I still have the pictures of the first prototype and remember how I couldn’t sleep due to anxiety and excitement prior to the launch at Lagos Makeup Fair 2015 at Ikeja ,Lagos.

How did I start BEN ?

Surprisingly, it was from seeing a problem, being a makeup artist, I didn’t want to carry bulky makeup box that already weighs a tonne around, not to mention setting up in clients location and trying prevent messing up my client’s expensive furniture . I was burdened with how to make life easier for makeup professional / makeup lovers. It started with organizational tools, then hygiene because I hated the sight of dirty, crusty makeup brushes .I knew it could spread bacteria if not properly cleaned and disinfected .

Beauty Essentials by Nsure Brush Cleaner
Product Demo at the fair

Meanwhile note that I was a successful and experienced freelance makeup artist and had worked with so many local and international brands e.g MAC, Maybelline, Lancôme and so on this helped my confidence and urge to start my brand.

It wasn’t easy but all in all very worth it . Here are what I would advise you while you are planning to move to a new location.

Lesson 1: Sell the Products and Myself

The products are the area of focus, make sure the product developed meets a need and is affordable. Eventually people saw how successful the brand was and wanted beauty business consultation with me which was a total different market and I should have explored. Occasionally, I consulted in beauty and various unconnected industries. If I were to go back, I would develop being a consultant as well. Knowledge and expertise make you money and can be done anywhere via consulting.

Lesson 2: Exploring other sectors in the beauty industry (Hygiene, tools and accessories)

There are categories in the beauty industry that I find very lucrative, low competition and sustainable. I went all out manufacturing locally in Nigeria, I started with organization tools ,pouches etc and Brush cleaner spray as I saw the need. The idea of developing a product to solve problem was exciting. Though being a makeup artist is highly competitive and slightly saturated in Nigeria, Bridal makeup artistry pays highest because all that is required really is your artistry skill but owning a makeup brand / retailer will task you. The sustainable way to remain in business is to make sure you cater to makeup artist needs and also to end users thus you have enough customers to service.

Besides, I should have taken my online store more seriously than I did, its important, the Direct To Consumer (DTC) business model helped with feedback, connecting, educating and improving our product offering. to have control over distribution channel and attending makeup fairs were great platform for reducing how quickly our products were copied and meeting new clients.

Lesson 3: The pain in weathering the unexpected health concerns

When I started, we were team of 5 which wasn’t a big team. My loving husband helped me with everything and anything, not too long after I got pregnant and I had to stop business due to health challenges and COVID 19 happened in 2020. I urgently had to travel out of the country in 2021 July for intensive medical care. The unexpected move made me take a break I Hence, quickly consolidated and valued the business and sold it off or handed it over to a trusted employee to continue.

Lesson 4. Work on my Career goals and Develop myself

While I was in living in Nigeria, I was more interested in Sales and Research. I had just two business training and that was it. The knowledge I got was useful and helped with making better business decision and direction. I wasn’t thinking about the international market just then.

In the meantime, I concentrated on growing my career and took some International Certification in Luxury – Retail & Customer Experience in 2022 and Creation & Branding, Operations & Supply Chain 2023 (Inside LVMH Certificate) and Master’s in Business Management and Commerce (UK). And Global Sustainability and innovation (Australia) and before I get my global role.

There was no way to continue as my core customers was in Nigeria and faced with new realities I had to adjust .

What now?

My love and passion for the beauty industry is still alive despite living abroad , I have managed to attend one  Beauty Expo Australia too. My advise is to keep improving and getting better and preparing for the perfect fit in the global market (AMEN). I have refused to be stagnant and found other ways to evolve and remain relevant without feeling unproductive. There are times I wish I could share the knowledge I know with fellow brand owners, Makeup artist and brainstorm on how to move the African Beauty Industry forward I guess I will start blogging more on that here.  If you don’t know how to start take baby steps by subscribing to Beauty industry Newsletter, Cosmetics News etc

These are my honest emotions and I don’t know if anyone can relate, I do not have any regrets, it was a phase of my life that I gave my best and had fun doing so. I thank God for his mercies and grace for without him, it would not have been possible.  Running my business opened me up to great friendship and opportunities. It’s an emotional roller coaster being away from routine of doing what you love, thank God for technology helping us keep in touch with lovely family and friends. such great emotional support system. My Keyword right now is intentional living, I am much more aware of my time and picked up new hobbies such as gardening, cooking, writing and exploring the city I live in.

Do you find it easy to settle into a new location or it takes time to settle, kindly share with me in the comment.

Until next time.


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