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  • Fake Alert – Mary Kay Foundation

    Hey Guys, i hope you havent missed me like i have missed you. lately i have been more involved in beauty consulting for some of my client. Teaching them on how to apply makeup on their faces, which product works for their skin type, color combination,editing makeup bags, personalized makeup shopping etc As a professional,i […]

  • Titi’s Birthday Makeover.

    Titi Kuforiji is a friend i met through my sister, she casually walked into the studio wanting to get her brows fixed, well since then i have been hooked on her as most Nigerians are hooked on BB;we have over the years become the best of pals. Her birthday present from me this year was […]

  • Sacha Cosmetic now in Lagos

    Happy New Month Everyone.Its being a while and i miss Blogging. The funny thing is i have being so busy with various event and projects that i haven’t had time to update my blog. I am going to be updating the event one after the other so stay tuned. I got a call from the […]