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  • Flormar Lipstick Haul.

    The need to do a post on this makeup brand came as a result of falling in love with it and also due to the fact that a  lot of my clients that i purchased  this lipsticks for totally loved them too. I therefore have no other choice than to share with my blogger family […]

  • Dreadlock Journey.

    Sometimes in September 2010 I took a a decision that I can vividly remember my mum screaming at me on top of her voice when she saw me. The decision was  a simple one, I decided to opt for dreadlocks popularly know as ‘dada’ or ‘rastsafarai’ as I have been severally refered to. It now […]

  • Yetunde’s Makeover

    I have a wondeful friend in Yetunde Nwaokeke (Yetty), she is a pretty damsel that hardly uses makeup but once i got an opportunity to Nsure her , i didnt hesistate at all. I had a splendid time with her and the family over weekend,before we started i asked her how she wanted it and […]

  • Lagos Makeup Fair in Pictures…

    Saturday 8th was the date and Our Place on Toyin street was the venue for (LMUF) and trust me it was so much fun.It was great opportunity to meet and reconnect with alot of my colleagues and friends. I was most especially glad to be able to personally meet people that i only knew their face […]

  • Makeup Brand Awareness.

    I usually get a lot of calls from people asking me about  the different products that are available;the next question that follows is I have tried them  and finally to find out if the product is good,average or bad.In light of  this , I  took the pains to collate a comprehensive list of makeup brands that I […]