Flormar Lipstick Haul.

The need to do a post on this makeup brand came as a result of falling in love with it and also due to the fact that a  lot of my clients that i purchased  this lipsticks for totally loved them too. I therefore have no other choice than to share with my blogger family my  research for lipsticks that could give me a matte finish led to the discovery of this lipstick brand.

Flormar is a Turkish brand that have a whole other range of beauty products such as  brushes, lashes, perfumes etc,  Flormar is a middle end product  – it boasts of  good quality and is affordable.

The Package
My favourite  Shades


Super Matte lipstick in Red


Pretty Lipstick in Pink (Cream and Glaze)


Pretty Lipstick in Orange (cream and Glaze)


Red(the code)


The Swatches

Flormar Lipstick  has different textures/finish
Pretty Lipstick
Supermatte Lipstick
Selection Lipstick
Supershine Lipstick
Long wearing Lipstick

I got Flormar Pretty Lipstick  in Pink and Orange;they are rich,creamy and moisturizing, they also help soften and nourish the lips.Flormar is very creamy and you will definitely need touch-up after about 3 hours of wearing it.

The Supermatte Lipstick in Red caught my attention ( that is because i collect Red lipsticks) but the red isn’t so intense like i thought it would be , it is also isn’t so matte.

My Verdict

I love the way it smells – very sweet.
The Supermatte Lipstick  drys to a semi  matte finish and doesn’t bleed.
Its very affordable less than a thousand Naira
They work well for wrinkled lips as they are very creamy
The Pretty lipstick needs touch up

DISCLAIMER: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies whose products are on display on this blog, i purchased  them with my own money and  i have not been tipped/paid to review.

Till my next post,
Much Lov
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  1. Hi hun…nice piece!! I have the Flomar lippie in orange and that’s what I’ve been rocking since my last trip to lagos. But I found out that they have 2 shades of orange lippie(22 and 24)…muchos love

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