Venus Facial Cream .

Hello Everyone, i recently stumbled upon a product that worked wonders on my face and thought it would be beneficial for me to share with everyone.The Venus Light moisture face cream works wonders on your face without bleaching you, leaving your face rejuvenated and moisturized, formulated for the the African face and tropical weather. it is a product i recommend.

Venus Face Cream


What it looks like




The effect on my face…        
My Verdict:
The product is such a good  buy,it mosturizes and leaves the skin extremely soft and silky.It is  extremely light and you can use in the moring and night .It prevents sunburn while leaving the skin radiant, it replenishes and restores because of the pure sea extract.
Note: I have not received any remuneration of any kind for this post, i have tried the product and find it satisfactory.
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