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In my fulfilled sojourn in the makeup industry , I have been privileged(for lack of a better word) to meet a lot of guys that “claim” to be Makeup Artists but I am about to introduce you to one of Nigeria’s finest Male MUA, he goes by the name DAVE.


Warm, charming ,very stylish, he actually knows how to apply Makeup, I  must confess i was thrilled .
FAB Awards 2011 – Makeup Artist of the year and has being nominated for 2012 again.

Can we meet you?
My name is David Onyedike. I have a B.A in Theater and Film Studies from the university of Nigeria Nsukka.

Can you share how your makeup journey started?
I have always loved painting, drawing and creative arts, so my first year in school as theater arts undergraduate was when I discovered my love for makeup. I was always in the makeup and custom department so much and that I got hooked and the rest is history…

How do you cope in an industry dominated by woman in Nigeria?
Internationally male dominate the Beauty and Makeup industry and are major key players. The Special effect, theater and movie makeup are mostly handled by them while female dominate the Beauty Makeup especially Bridal makeup.

How do you stay ahead of competition?
My relationship with my clients and my continuous skill sharpening keeps me ahead of competition.

What makeup items can’t you do without?
I can’t do without my Brow brush and Flat eye shadow brush.

Can you share your worst experience with a Client?
Hmmm, my worst experience was when a client was intoxicated (very high), she mistakenly wiped off the makeup I had done earlier and asked me to reapply it all over again. I was so upset because I had taking my time to do an amazing job. I later found out that not only has she been drinking but also smoked some weed so she was “super” high and in a nasty mood.

Five years from now where do you see yourself?
I see myself being a force to reckon with in the fashion and beauty world both locally and internationally.

Mention Makeup artist that inspires you locally and internationally?
Locally I admire Bayo Hastrup, Internationally I love Sam Fine.

Favorite Makeup quote?
My Favorite makeup quote is Blend! Blend!! Blend!! till your makeup comes smooth flawless and all lines disappear.

Any Advice for Aspiring MUA?
I will advise aspiring MUA to look inwards and ask themselves this question “Do i have a passion for makeup or am i just following the crowd?” once they can answer that the rest is history.
Thanks a lot for your time.

Dave working on a client
Bridal Makeup

Info 08035704063

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