5 lessons I learnt from growing Locs

Happy Sunday beauties????

Today, I reflect on my natural hair journey *locs* and 5 lessons I have learnt. I started almost 4 years ago,I am happy and have no regrets whatsoever ????????


The hair journey thought me the following:
1. PATIENCE – I transitioned ( I allowed my hair go natural for months) I didnt have to start from low cut , the guy that started my locs was clueless and messed my hair istanbul escort bayan up. I found a loctician Emmystyle and the rest is history.

2. COMMITMENT -It takes time to loc and you must be committed

3. CONFIDENCE- ( Yes I am different and I love me)

4. FREEDOM -(No more fixing and relaxer )

5. STATEMENT OF HEALTH (I eat alot of vegetables and fruits and thus it shows on my skin and hair)

Would you consider growing Locs?

Till my next post,

Hugs and kisess,



  1. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your lessons…. I totally agree you and so understand your points. I feel the same way too. I have had my locs for a year and 9 months and i am so loving it. I also had terrible experience/awful with the first loctician until i found a better stylist. But now my stylist has relocated from Lagos…….. I need help!!!! please share your stylist info or you could mail me owo.olaide@gmail.com. Thanks a bunch!!!!

  2. I intend starting my locks journey this year, am tired of plaiting and retouching. I want 2 be natural all the way, am a very busy person who loves looking good. With locks i could touch up 1ce every 2weeks without loosing my hair etc. I want to 2 be free from all these hair braiding n retouching wahala. So happy i found u, learnt alot already.

  3. It’s Something to have a good loctician and another thing to heed to their warning and instructions. Pleas make your hairstylist your friend and you will get the best out of them for your good.

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