Farewell Adenike Ogungbe

“Oh death where art thou sting?? You have dealt your usual heavy blow, you have brought forth your sorrows, you have taken my dear Adenike from me”
I am yet to recover from the shock of losing a dear friend yesterday -Adenike Ogungbe CEO of Ewar Makeovers. I cannot get over the last conversation I had with her on Sunday, perhaps if I knew it would be the last I would have talked on.
Adenike was one lady that inspired a lot of her colleagues in the Makeup Industry. Click to read my interview with her here:
Her untimely death left a devastating blow on the Nigeria Makeup industry. Her talent, her humility and her quiet strength will surely be missed.

That we are alive today does not mean we should take God’s grace for granted. We are ALL privileged. Let’s learn to live right and impact positively in the lives of others around us.

I love you dearie and I am so happy our paths crossed but I am sure you are resting in the bosom of Lord now.
Mrs Adenike Ogungbe
Keep resting till we meet again .
Till my next post,

Much Love ,

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