My Yellow Version.

Hello beauties,
As the beat goes – Thank God it’s Friday , the weekend is here again and I am ecstatic as usual, you know I love weekends. 

I recently made an observation; I dare say that it’s not much of a new observation though. You cannot travel from point A to point B without noticing that most girls in Lagos have suddenly become “Yellow”, everyone has suddenly become bright over night, most of these ladies have resort to all sorts of creams knowingly or unknowingly to brighten their skin complexion, these creams contain Hydroquinone – an active agent used to alter skin color.

I got Escort İstanbul curious and I wanted to know what I would look like if I suddenly became lighter than how I was originally, the result is for your viewing pleasure.

Yellow me with Camera Flash.



 I must confess I prefer my dark skin and would rather remain ebony.
 Till my next post


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