Your Memory lives on- Adenike Ogungbe

I still remember vividly this day last year , I heard the news of your departure , I had to jolt myself to reality several times to be sure  I wasn’t  dreaming , alas , the truth stood its ground life played one of its ugly tricks , death became the ultimate winner . But I have joy , I have joy knowing that you have gone to a better place , I have joy you are together with the saints.

Today, I struggled to get myself to your parents house simply because I knew that the memories of you will become fresh all over. Today you were celebrated, thankfully no one was mourning , everyone understood you lived a life worthy of celebration.
I met your sister -Joke who now runs Ewar makeover with your beautiful staff , I also saw your mom who couldn’t hide how grateful she was to see us. I learnt from you that I shouldn’t take life for granted .

I have learnt to  live, play,love, laugh and enjoy each moment, nothing else matters but the love you share with people around you.I have learnt to be true especially to myself and to do good to others.

Life is too short , live each day like it’s your last.

Till we meet to part no more
Continue to rest Adenike.




Till my next Post


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