How Korean skincare has taken over the globe in recent years.

Korean Beauty brand - Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

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-Korean Beauty brand Laneige Lip sleep mask

I am inspired by how quickly K BEAUTY has grown, due to significant investment and support from the Korean government, its entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the patronage of Koreans. How did Korean skincare products gain popularity in the globally? Korean pop music (K-pop) Musical groups like as BTS, EXO, and BLACKPINK had massive global followings. This growing interest in Korean culture, beauty, and fashion. These K-pop artists promote these on social networking sites. Korean dramas have gained a significant viewership all over the world, platforms like Netflix, Amazon prime and other streaming services have made a variety of Korean dramas accessible to all.

Korean cuisine, especially dishes such as kimchi, bibimbap, and Korean barbecue, has grown in popularity in some urban areas, promoting the growth of Korean restaurants, street food, and food festivals showcasing Korean dishes, resulting in more exposure. Korean beauty is well-known for its excellent ingredients, innovative skincare products and formulations, and attractive packaging. They pioneered the well-known 10-step skincare steps. They developed the sheet mask, serums for glass skin, and dewy look, which have become standards and trends in the global beauty and skincare consumers. Korean fashion trends focus mainly on street style.

Consumers may now easily access and purchase Korean skincare products thanks to the rise of e-commerce platforms and online beauty retailers. This accessibility has undoubtedly contributed to the rise of Korean beauty. The global appeal of K-pop and Korean dramas has undoubtedly contributed to the market growth of Korean beauty products. It’s fascinating to see how the entertainment business affects consumer behaviour and trends. I’ve tried a number of Korean brands but my favourite is Laneige  lip sleep mask is very effective, and I strongly recommend that you try it. I couldnt get one from MECCA MAXIMA .

I What are your thoughts on the Korean global invasion ?

Till my next post, Misykona.

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