Introducing Beauty Essentials by N’sure (B.E.N)

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It’s a great day in Nigeria , the reins of power is changing from the ruling party to the opposition party . I sound like I know politics right ? – wrong  🙂 ,  I am only a  concerned citizen that is bothered about the state of things.We hope though that things will change in our favor.

It’s a great day also for Nsure as I share with you the hard work of the past few months – Beauty Essentials by Nsure  – BEN .Enjoy our introduction note below , it is no way in competition with the president’s first speech : )

“It is easy to come up with new ideas; the hard part is letting go of what worked for you two years ago, but will soon be out of date.”

— Roger von Oech


We understand that old habits die hard – you want to carry the box that already weighs a ton before putting your stuff in, you want to mess up your client’s expensive furniture when you setup and many more. We at N’sure have been burdened with the responsibility of how to make life easier for every makeup professional/lover hence the birth of Beauty Essentials by N’sure.

We narrowed it all down to convenience and organization to proffer solutions to heavy weight, item loss, time wasting and damage.

Beauty Essentials by N’sure can be personal to suit your taste – it’s your brand together with your style.

In our launch collection is the Makeup mat, Clear pouch,Tote Bag and Brush /Pencil Holder to enhance your professional makeup services; they are rugged and will stand the test of time.


Our products

Clear Pouches


This includes a convenient metal zipper closure and is made of cleanable fabric; it can be used by makeup artists, spa and salon professionals. It helps to keep all your makeup supplies handy in a clear cosmetic bag with black trim and base.

The clear PVC material makes it easy to see the enclosed contents. Perfect for travel or everyday use with a convenient handle. You are able to see through without burying your head in a box.

It is also very structured in shape.

Brush / Pencil Wallet


This wallet can hold up to 20 brushes or pencil; It allows the artist to move around freely while carrying a variety of brushes, tools and accessories. It comes with a Zipper and is made from a soft, leather-like material. It is a multi-tasking beauty tool that can be used for holding brushes/ pencil / touchup kit. It can also be customized with your brand Logo



Display Setup

In an effort to help maintain hygienic beauty practices, the Mat was designed to help create a clean surface. The Mat is made of a cleanable material and comes in different colors and types made to meet specific size.

Tote Bag



Interior View

These new chic bags are just the right size to carry an assortment of makeup essentials and beauty needs.

It is a Tote bag that has a black exterior, front compartment with clear PVC interior. This large carry-all travel bag with zipper closure has convenient double handles for toting around all your essential makeup, beauty products and cosmetic accessories. It is perfect for travel or everyday use. Inspired by the concept of creating convince for makeup artists, hairstylist, nail technician,

It can also be customized with your brand logo.

You can place Order Here

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  1. Congrats love on the introduction of your new line. I’m excited that Nigerian MUAS are bringing to us products, tools and ideas to make the job easier & even more professional. Can’t wait to lay my fingers on the mat and brush wallet first. Keep flying Yems!

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