Maybelline Makeup Fair in Pictures!!!

Hey guys,

April is here  !!!!!! Geeez!!!!! The year is moving real fast , i am still trying to take it all in , i guess it’s the realization of goals that need to be met before the year runs out.Anyways , I  Wish you all a great month ahead.

The past weekend was a great one indeed, i believe anyone that attended any of the events as earlier publicized can testify to that .

WED Expo was the first of the events at the weekend and although i couldn’t make it down there i am happy to announce to you that my friend and namesake Yemisi Aiyedun (sisiyemmie ) and her bobo Yomi Odusanya finally won the N15million Wedding Giveaway from My Big Nigerian Wedding.Congrats to you Mr and Mrs Odusanya-to-be, you can be sure i won’t miss a N15 million wedding  🙂


Maybelline Makeup fair took center stage at the weekend ,the event was organized by Pops concepts ( the organizer of makeup fair in Nigeria)  and was held at the 10 Degrees Event Centre Ikeja.

The Masterclass sessions was handled by Maybelline Artistic Director -Bimpe Onokoya and the events went as follows:

Colour Theory & Makeup Artistry 1pm -2pm

Highlight & Contouring 2pm-3pm

How to achieve a Flawless Look 3.30pm-4pm

Editorial & Runway Look 4pm-5pm.

Other exhibitors present – Deva Petal, Gifty’s daughter,

Bedazzled, Girlie Essentials, MINC, Taries, Evolve Makeovers, Hegai and Esther, iFunto, STIMS Beauty Studio,Weaves by LERT.

Trust me when i say it was great fun with lots of shopping , music , raffle draw, cupcakes, drinks , free makeovers and freebies too. I met a lot colleagues, bloggers and some of my esteemed blogizens(blog readers) thank y’all , you are wonderful people.


All right , time to feast your eyes…












IMG_5155 IMG_5231



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My goodie bag had this in it.


I bought the following-Lipstick holder from Evolve, Personal Brush set from Hegai and Esther and The Collosal kajal Liner from Maybelline.

IMG_5533 IMG_5534 IMG_5539 IMG_5542

I couldn’t remember everyone’s name but feel free to drop your comment about what you loved most about these event in the comment box below .

Thanks , Hugs and Kisses .



  1. Yaay, finally.I have been waiting for you to make this post.i couldn’t make it down but with this post I feel like I was there and didn’t miss anything. Well done dear.God bless you real good.muah.

  2. Hi dearie, i was about attending the first class when i saw you and immediately after the first and second lecture i left. I guess next time i have to say hi to you before anything else. I am an ardent reader of your blog. You are doing an amazing job kindly keep it up. Plus how much does the lip stick holder from evolve go for? Thank you.

  3. Wow!It was d blast! Glad I came en got d Maybelline Kajal bin lookin forward to gettin one en I did…lols. Its so great seeing ma sef on ur blogsite n cing u der…chuckling

  4. Was already set to go! Had everything in place. Then wokeup with a running stomach. So annoying. Thanks for the pix though. I feel as if I was there already!

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