Basic Skin Care .

Hey everyone, It’s a great new week and although you might hate Mondays, for me it gives a sense of hope and expectation.
Today, i wrote on how i take care of my skin, and like the adage goes – if you have great skin then you get great makeup, it is ever so pertinent to take good care of your skin; if your skin is clear you will require less makeup on your skin .Once you are able to identify your skin type you will know what kind of products to use.

I am not one you could describe as a skin care junkie which is why I love to keep it so simple. I have Combination skin type that’s because my T zone (fore head and Bridge of my nose is oily) and every other part of my face is dry.

So essentially I follow these steps below:

·   I use my face wash, I cleanse, I tone, I exfoliate and finally moisturize.

·         First I use Black Opal Skin Perfecting Blemish Wash which is by the way a fantastic product, It is my life saver and If discontinued I have no idea what I would use in its place .It helps to keep my face clear and bright.I use morning and night.

Black Opal Skin Perfecting Blemish Wash

·         I use Cetapil as my cleanser to remove natural oil,dirt and makeup on my skin; it is very gentle, doesn’t irritate or clog my skin. I use every night before I go to bed.


·         I use Venus Skin Quench 2 in1 Refreshing Toner and Makeup Remover to refresh my skin and remove makeup, it works better as a refreshing toner than makeup remover.

MACmakeup remover is what i use to remove all last traces of eye makeup and lip sticks stains and it doesn’t hurt my skin.

·         I exfoliate with Daily Tea Tree Facial Scrub, I use this product at least 2-3 times a week because it is so effective .Keeps my skin feeling fresh and prevents me from having breakout. i sometimes use it for the back of my hands and feet too.

·         Finally I use my Venus Facial moisturizer that way I can flaunt my bare face without makeup.
My Bare Face
You can share your skin care regimen with me, hope this helps…

Till my next post,

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