Product Review – Fair Fast Finish Foundation Stick

Hiya people,

So here I am under the scorching sun waiting for a friend , the intensity can only be better compared with an oven that is on over drive. Suddenly it dawned on me why I was particularly uncomfortable – Makeup .Here’s the skinny, if you truly want to maintain your sanity under this scorching and intense sunny weather – go easy on the makeup especially if you have business being under the sun .

If you are by any chance  a door-to-door marketer , a product promotion dancer …… I am wondering why I am thinking wild(lol) , the deal is if you have any business being under the sun for a prolonged period of 1- 2hours , I beg of you use only foundation or powder and on the flip side if you literally step from air-condition to air-condition , worry not the gods are smiling down at you  : )

If it is ultimately imperative you knock them off their socks , then you could play around with the foundation and powder together, although it is not a license to roast o.

My product for review today is an Oldie but goodie, they are a great brand that caters for women of color. Fashion Fair has constantly innovated and rebranded to stay relevant . I know a few people that only use this brand  and have been doing so for over 10 years because in their words – “they love the finish”. We will be looking at the foundation first as it is relevant to the present weather.




I love the casing , very handy .


Doesn’t it look like chocolate bar?


Unique Features
It has Vitamin C
It has Vitamin E
It has Special Skin conditioners
It gives a Semi Matte Finish
It is Oil Free
It serves Multi Purpose Usage – Concealer/ lip base/highlighter


It is easy to blend.

It a stick that glides on like a dream and dries to a smudge proof powder finish.

Gives Good coverage.

It can be used as a concealer.

It is easy to carry in stick format.

It is affordable.


It is Difficult to match for those with yellow undertones.

You have to be careful when rolling up the foundation as it does go down, if you try pushing it turns to a mess and waste.

You have to test before buying as their are a lot of in between shades.

Have you used this product before? What do you think of it?

I got mine from Gifty’s daughter store Ikeja

Till my next post

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  1. I have this foundation and I really hate it. Bought it in 2011 in the UK because it was the only foundation I’d come across that almost matched my yellow undertone. It Slides and moves all over my face. Certainly not for oily skin. It also transferred unto everything that touched my face. I tried applying sparingly, I still got the same result. It didn’t work for me.

  2. Oh, I was about going to get mine cos I really need a foundation, but with the first comment I would just hold my peace cos I have more than an oily skin.

    Tho I might reconsider buying for clients with dry skin. How does it cost?

    Jela’s Beauty.

  3. I think your under skin tone determines how good it comes out. For me,it is simply the best. What I love most is it conceals my dark circles perfectly. I just started using it for just over a month after switching from Mary Kay.

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