Step by Step brush Cleaning – Hegai and Esther Brush cleaner.

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It’s been a very wet wet Friday, probably the good Lord showering his blessing upon us all. I am grateful the weekend is here again.

In my line of business one of my strongest virtues is personal hygiene especially with my makeup tools. Makeup brushes can breed germs and bacteria and if not properly washed and disinfected it can cause Pimples, Acne and Eczema

I use makeup brush set to apply personal makeup on my face and i also use them professionally for my clients.

Two methods i use to clean my makeup brushes are:
  • I deep clean the brushes (wash with soap, water , little olive oil and dry)
  • I use a brush cleaner to clean and disinfect them.
The Brush Cleaner i recently fell in love with is Hegai and Esther’s Brush Cleaner from Gbemi Adebayo the Makeup Hygiene Expert. It is affordable and it cleans thoroughly, it leaves the brushes free of bacteria and doesn’t cause breakout on my face. I also use it to sanitize my makeup product such as lipsticks, pencils etc

How to Use:

Spray Isopropyl Alcohol directly onto makeup brush and wipe on tissue, and it dries out instantly. You may also pour into a small jar, swirl your brush, and wipe down on a soft towel or tissue paper. Repeat if necessary until completely clean but do not soak in the ferrule. Leave brush for a few minutes until dry.


Foundation brush dipped into the brush cleaner
wiping off on a tissue
Hegai and Esther Brush Cleaner can be used on natural and synthetic brushes.
If you need Hegai and Esther Brush Cleaner please contact me.
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