Ryam Beauty Unicorn Elixir Review.

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Looks like the review spirit has taken over :), it has become somewhat difficult to get those reviews out as there are tons still left to review so I have decided to take them one after the other so-help-me-God.

Right, so I got this package from Ryam Blushes called the Ryam Beauty Unicorm Elixir ( Serum + primer ) and  after some few weeks of  testing and using myself as the guinea pig , I was able to make a few deductions based on my my personal experience.

First thing first , I am not even going to lie, I particularly love the Gold and silver bottles (I think they are super pretty).

Ryam Blushes Unicorn Elixir (30ml)

For my first application – I applied it as a primer, thereafter applied my foundation and then suddenly I noticed that my  makeup went dark . I then  realized the mistake – I wasn’t  suppose to use both serum together and a little drop was all I needed.

On the third day after application, I noticed my skin was actually smoother, I then went on to use it as a skin care product, it left no oil and it gave a smooth feel and I am guessing that is because of the Gluthatone present. Gluthatone is a powerful anti oxidant which helps reduce aging, fine lines and wrinkles. It is perfect for minimizing pores and is also helps with hydration.

How to use

Apply a drop or 2 on the face and massage into the face

You can do this day and night

You can apply and leave on the face at night and sleep with


When spread out , not oily at all.


Gold unicorn Elixir is a multipurpose oil free serum + primer that can be used daytime as primer or as night treatment.

It contains 24k gold which gives a glowy skin ( not dripping gold though )

It contains vitamin c that helps brighten the skin and slows down aging, it is matte and great for acne treatment.

Once it dries the gold fleck cant be moved.

Quick thoughts :

The applicator was a major issue for me as I couldn’t get as much product as I needed out of the product bottle.


I love this product and I definitely will use more as a skin care product as it works better for me than just a primer .

The price is N10,500

You can get yours from IG : @ryamblushes 08066095524

Have you used this primer before? Which primer are you currently loving?

Kindly share below.

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