Social Networks Caution.

 Cynthia Osokogu left her Nasarawa base on July 22, 2012 with the sole aim of improving her boutique business. Months before this trip she had met with two undergraduates on the popular social network Facebook, unfortunately the fate of this unsuspecting 24 year old postgraduate student had already been decided by her presumed Facebook buddies.

The only daughter of General Frank Osokogu’s plane landed in Lagos and was picked up by these terrible individuals who drove her to a hotel in Festac town in order to elaborate on the business proposal which they had been discussing over the last few months.

Cynthia was drugged and afterwards strangled while these daredevils made away with undisclosed amount of money, her ID card and her phones after which they notified the hotel authorities that there was a corpse in one of their rooms. The hotel with no clue of identification deposited he body at the Isolo general hospital.
The families raised alarm after several days of no contact with Cynthia, police authorities were notified and contact numbers were served to the public for anyone who had useful information about her whereabouts.

Luck ran out of the crooks when one of them picked up one her phones. The phone was traced Festac where the criminals were apprehended. After interrogation it was discovered that Cynthia wasn’t their only victim, they specialize in luring and duping unsuspecting rich women of their money.
This story is a very sad one indeed but then is also a wakeup call for us makeup artists, entrepreneurs and all women in general. It dawned on me on how open and vulnerable we women entrepreneurs are and it leaves room for worry.

I am writing this piece as a warning as we approach the “ EMBER “ months  when ritual killings and Kidnapping are rampant because of those evil people who want to make quick money.

I particularly remember sometimes last year when a supposed client called me up to meet her at apple Junction close to Festac , I asked her to give me the  exact address. She refused and insisted that I get to apple junction, call her and she would pick me up, what unnerved me was the fact that she said she was ready to pay any amount for my services. I told her politely that I would not be able to make it as she refused to give me the address and that I felt uneasy about the whole arrangement , her response in her words were “ God save you ooo” , I just laughed.

The morale of the story is simple and clear:
1) Pray before you take any job and don’t ignore your instinct especially if you feel uneasy about a client.
2) Never go anywhere without having the exact address of the place you are going especially for out of state jobs.
3) When you there and the address changes, immediately notify someone very close to you, a simple    sms will suffice.
4) Share some of your dealings with someone close to you.
5) Be weary of people that just pop out of the blues that desperately want to be your friends.
6) Share as little personal information on social networks as possible.
7) Be weary of who you add on your blackberry.
8) Request for your payment before you go for any job which guarantees to an extent their genuineness.
9) The IGs numbers and other police hotline numbers are readily available ,get them.
May God Continue to Protect and Guide us all .Amen
Till my next post,
Much Love ,


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