This time Last Year. I was busy getting MARRIED!!!

I have heard the phrase “how time flies when you are having fun” so many times  and it’s all coming to me on what the phrase actually stands for , I can’t believe I have been married for a whole year ,it feels just like yesterday.

I remember vividly all the excitement, the preparations , the vows taken ,I am sure you can relate to that ;today I am a wife and  I am loving every moment of it.

I will choose you over and over again .

God has taught me a few things these past 365 days ……….

I have learnt to totally trust God with everything, for HE is our source rather than my husband.

I have learnt to be contented with what we have and not to compare myself or my husband with others (very difficult but important).

To be anxious for nothing! Even when you are in need, the master settler is always there.

To always ask for God’s grace and for our love to be renewed on a daily basis.

I learnt early to encourage my husband when down and to truly listen to him when he needs someone to talk to or bounce an idea off. I am amazed at how much influence I have had over his decision making.

We mutually have the upmost respect for one another. We support each other even when right or wrong.

I have become his Number 1 fan and cheerleader and he has become mine. I could see myself with him till the end; he’s so much fun and my best friend (manger) in the whole world (next to my sister Folayemi).

We have fun together and laugh a lot, I have died totally to self (one of the first lessons I learnt) no more ME but US.

I have learnt I needed to help out with responsibility that require my attention ,I always try to look good and even when I don’t feel like it I make an effort .I learnt to accept his family and friends as mine and he mine  .

I have become thankful, outspoken (sometimes I am tempted to just withdraw into my corner and be alone) caring, forgiving, patient, humble, submissive and thoughtful. I try very hard never to argue all the time.

I try to let my marriage follow God’s design and to bring HIM glory

I have developed strength, sense of balancing work and family, love ,patience, passion and control; I make decisions that won’t affect my marriage negatively and with the high rate at which marriages break-ups , Jesus has being our strong hold. I not only bear my husband’s surname proudly but I also bear the name of our maker every single day.

I know it’s been a series of long lessons learnt but I thought I should share with you .Enjoy my personal thoughts and feel free to drop your comments

Till my next post.



  1. congratulations dear….i pray that the lessons you’ve learnt will be part of you forever and single ladies like *us* will see good examples from your marriage…
    Happy anniversary!

  2. Congrates,my madam @ the top,you deserve nothing but the best,the lord God will continue to bless and keep ur marriage,you will live together and enjoy ur marriage,ijn,amen.

  3. Am glad I met you,you are in deed a great woman in total sense of it. I must say your husband is favoured to have you likewise you to have him… God whose started this will be with both of you till the end. Your marriage is blessed.

  4. i am so happy for you,i really enjoyed reading this.wishing you more fun and great join as you journey on.happy wedding anniversary

  5. Truly time flies,am happy you are grown and still growing in lov,may God keep your lov fresh and happy for many many more years,hugs…

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