[WATCH] : Gele style

Hey beautiful people,

It’s been  a very hot couple of days , did we just experience harmattan or not ?? Yesterday was mad hot , I virtually almost melted away , I will see how I can help the consistent few that still need to wear makeup in this heat in subsequent post , all you need to do is keep coming back 🙂

In the spirit of  Christmas last year , I tried to help out with gele videos which was done in such a way that you could download to watch some other time , turns out the process was impossible for some and because I remain my patient humble self , I have decided to just show for you to watch direct.For those of you that sent me encouraging messages , you have no idea how that makes me feel – Thank you.

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gele prob


Enjoy Video below

You can also view Here for a pictorial view or Here for another style. You could also get creative and visit Here for emerging gele style.

Till my Next post.

Hugs and kisses


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