10 Tips for attending Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference.

Hey Guys,

I hope you have Registered for the Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference show. It’s happening on the 7th to 9th October 2015.


Click here to view the whole lineup of Event.I am pleased  to inform you that Misykona is also one of the official beauty blogger for this event .

I always look forward to attending seminars and conferences especially if it’s related to beauty industry.It helps to keep me informed and get to network with other colleague.

For a better experience at this year Beauty Africa Exhibition & Conference I have shared some tips below, Enjoy reading.

1. Visit website and make sure you read through the conference programme .

2. Get to the venue very early to avoid Lagos Traffic.

3 Go with your writing materials to take notes and be active ( ask questions, contribute )

4. Make sure you have enough business cards available for sharing and also collect business cards/ contact details  from the people you networked with.

5. Make sure your phones are fully charged or take a power bank along so as to take picture/videos or record  and post on social media with the appropriate harsh tags

6. Wear comfortable shoes and Dress warmly as the conference room will be fully air conditioned i.e Jacket , Mufflers etc will not be a bad idea to come along with.

7. Be very open minded

8. Make sure you have snacks and water in your bag just in case you get hungry

9. After the conference always follow up on the cards you have received so as to remain fresh in their mind send them emails ,calls etc

10. Make sure you practice  what you have been taught in areas needed

You can also click here for Tips shopping for Makeup, Beauty ,Fragrance items at events.

finally,dont hesitate to say “Hi  “when you see me walking past you.

Till my next post,

Love and kisses





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