LANCOME at your doorstep

Hiya beautiful people ,

I believe we have fully exhausted all our holidays for this year except of cause the highly anticipated Christmas celebrations.I trust you had a wonderful Independence day celebration even though the country is on a strict budget 🙂 .Speaking of budgets, one major item that you should never compromise on at any point in time as a woman of style is a great perfume.

I got this wonderful bottle of la vie est belle by Lancome  ,  I love the perfume so much that I spray it on everything , only my food has been spared :).

Well, for those who don’t know Lancome is now in Nigeria and you can get a huge variety of exotic fragrances . I am super excited and restraining myself  seriously from not going to get another bottle .Anyways ,  I did a review of some of their amazing makeup line , you can check it out  here .


I checked out the meaning of “La vie est belle” which means “life is beautiful” , it’s got a very strong scent of sweetness and lasts even after your laundry.

La vie est belle – I will be back for you when I am done with this bottle . Any of you tried this perfume ?? what do you think of it  ??

Till my next post.

Hugs and kisses,




  1. I am currently in love with LA vie eat belle. It stays in my car so I don’t forget to use it. I just hope the heat doesn’t mess with it. But have u tried Santal Royals by Guerlain……its really hard to choose between them both

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