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  • MAC Cosmetics Goodbye sales, prices and picks.

      Hello beauties, I was at the MAC Cosmetics store Ikeja to shop and I did a Video of MAC Cosmetics Goodbye sales ,prices and picks and you wont believe how much I ended up spending *covering  face*. The feeling I get whenever I go to MAC store is indescribable, lets just say I feel at home. […]

  • Top 5 Summer Destinations

    Hey there beautiful people, I couldn’t but help notice all the celebrations going on all over the internet on the 4th of July. Apart from the fact that it’s the American independence day, it is also a time for fireworks, cookouts and best of all summer vacations. Are you confused about where to spend your […]

  • Luzta Cosmetics pigments – Review

    Hey beauties, Let me officially welcome you to the second half of the year. I pray it is more productive than the first (Amen) I love to work with pigments and today I did a swatch test of Luzta Cosmetics Pigments in Violet and European . The pigment collect has 4 shades namely European (green) […]