Top 5 Summer Destinations

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I couldn’t but help notice all the celebrations going on all over the internet on the 4th of July. Apart from the fact that it’s the American independence day, it is also a time for fireworks, cookouts and best of all summer vacations.

Are you confused about where to spend your summer holidays? I have taken out time to highlight top 5 summer destinations that might interest you and might just chip in where you could get cheap flights that are offering awesome summer sales  😉 .

  1. Milan, Italy

The beautiful city of Milan is known to many as a great holiday destination. They have wonderful boutiques where you could shop till you drop .The city also boasts of many beautiful parks where you could have memorable picnics and take wonderful pictures.  I have particularly heard about the Da Vinci’s Last Supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie church.

Evenings in Milan are always special with the beautiful canals of Milan usually the main attraction. The architecture of this city is second to none and you will have so many pictures for your archives.

  1. London, UK

Yep, the Nigerian extension made it to the list . This summer destination is widely known for its endless summer activities. If you are taking out a spin at the London eye or you want to see London from a high view on the shard or you want to visit the national history museum or you want to party your way through Notting hill carnival, there’s just so much to do.

The night life in London during the summer is wicked and wild and you would definitely have the time of your life.  The wonderful thing about visiting London is that you can actually get cheap flights from Lagos to London and you can also get cheap hotels during the summer.


  1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai always has to be on my list largely because they have too many fun things going one and also because it is far easy to get cheap flight from Lagos to Dubai.  Like you already know they have almost everything –  extensive malls, beautiful beaches, cultural sites, the breathtaking safaris and many more.

So if you are seeking to shop or you are just a foodie like me or just looking for a city with all the bustle of a futuristic city – then Dubai is your surest holiday destination.


  1. Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal has incredible cities and and jaw dropping landscapes. They have almost everything when it comes to the scenery which consist of beaches, castles, medieval villages etc.  Little wonder they usually have more travelers than the native Portuguese.

Lisbon is a sure destination spot for your summer vacation and you would no doubt get an awesome experience.


  1. Providence, Rhodes Island

If you are considering America, then Providence in Rhode Island should be your sure pick. Providence is a mix of a big city largely due to the fact that its is close to New York and a small city with the conservative calm peculiar to small cities. They are well known for their impressive restaurant scenes and their summer evening bonfires.

You could take a cheap flight from Lagos to New York and then connect Rhodes Island to have summer time of your life in states.


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