Yanga Beauty Browlution Eyebrow pencil Vs Beautyline by Didi Browgasm – Review

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The Nigerian beauty industry has been experiencing a boom with alot of indigenous brand springing up daily. I have taken interest in some as they are impressive while the others are just imitation.

Today’s review is on eyebrow pencil . I have  Yanga Beauty Browlution and Beautyline by didi Browgasm and due to popular demand I shared my thoughts.


My thoughts

The price

Yanga Beauty Browlution cost N4500

Beautyline by Didi cost N2000

The packaging

Yanga beauty comes in a box

Beauty line by Didi is sealed in a film

The Design

They both look similar but slightly different

Yanga beauty has a spoley end and pencil at the other

Beauty Line by Didi has a spoley at one end and pencil at the other


You can get Browlution from @yangabeauty on instagram

Browgasm from @beautylinebydidi

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Have you used any of this eyebrow pencil ? what do you think? Kindly drop a comment.

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