Makeup Piracy.

Hey Beauties,
I hope your weekend plans also include rest, that’s what I did today after a very hectic week.I couldn’t wait to upload this copy-copy post because a lot of us in the creative industry are falling victim lately.

In my formative years, we had this special lingo we had for people who were prone to do whatever an individual was doing in the same like manner – we usually called them copy –copy, of course you know what the word copy means, the emphasis in this case is what makes this lingo special, it just had to be repeated twice for people who don’t have the decency to put a little more creativity even though they know they are copying an individual.
This brings me to the issue of the day – Plagiarism. I first came across the word while I was in the University; we were warned severely against the use of other people’s material/knowledge without due acknowledgment or reference, ever since then I have dreaded this word and the consequences that could follow.
According to the Webster dictionary it is defined as the “wrongful appropriation,” “close imitation,” or “purloining and publication” of another authors “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions,” and the representation of them as one’s own original work. It is further described as a moral offense, in the academia and journalism; it is a grave offense and could lead to severe damage of one’s credibility and heavy sanctions or court cases depending on severity.All this grammar and explanation still spells out copy- copy. In my industry – the make-up industry, this issue of copy –copy is a menace eating deep thereby killing the profession. Oh yes by any means copy, there is nothing wrong with that, but please whatever happened to professionalism? Whatever happened to creativity? Whatever happened to enhancements? Haba!!!

I mean if you need to copy why you would crop a heavily watermarked picture and claim the work as yours. Yes I agree makeup is an art and artists are allowed to copy, but even they add some creativity to whatever is copied. I can’t begin to count how many MUAs I have delected from my black berry and Face book just because of this copy copy (monitoring spirit) wahala.

I have been a victim severally which is why I am touching on the subject matter, several other makeup artist of high repute have also attested to the fact that their works have been stolen. A friend of mine showed me the picture of a studio that just came up ,the person used the same theme and worst of all used the picture that is credited to the same person she was copying. Thou shall not Judge says the Holy book but I am going to judge on this one , I mean common it’s enough that you have stolen someone else’s concept but why their works why why why!?

The excuse I usually get about such issues are that – I am only just using for advertisement , I didn’t steal anything , I can even do better than the job but I just want to start off with this first. I can afford to do a proper Photo shoot because its expensive, I cant get models, blah blah blah!!!Sometimes I am even challenged and asked questions like, who do you think you are ?you are not even happy we are exhibiting your work –well yes, thank you very much but if you appreciate my work that much then acknowledge that I did it instead of saying you did.

I think its high time measures are put in place to correct this anomaly, it is dishonest and killing the profession. I mean why start up your career based on lies or even if it has started why bring it down with lies.There is no apparent solution now as there is no regulatory body that can look into such cases which is why I have gone out of my way to bring it to the subconscious of those that do not know any better and those that know but don’t feel there is anything wrong with it.

Everyone started from somewhere and you will definitely get there, learn to use your original works and if you will use another person work make it a sense of duty to acknowledge the individual. Here is wishing you best of luck and to all the children out there Happy Children’s day.

Till my next post,
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