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Hello Beauties,

Wait a minute , i can’t believe this!!!! it’s Friday again , i screamed when i realized this .I am guessing i lost track of days because of the endless activities going on – fuel scarcity , the hustle and bustle of Lagos and lots of engagements.

In the course of this week i did my usual reflection on the happenings in my life in the past year and permit me to say that i am amazed at how much progress i have made – All Thanks to God.I have been blessed with a lot of wonderful people who have in one way or the other influenced my life positively.I have been blessed with great mentors and people i constantly share ideas with .

One of the great lessons i have learnt lately is that everyone and everything has its due season , this is what many of us know as Patience with the ever popular trend tag #Surulere. Everything you want wont happen immediately and sometimes just being consistent and content with what you are or have is better than being overambitious, please note the keyword here -overambitious , there is nothing wrong with being ambitious.Don’t seek to be popular or you might end up unpopular, do that which you are passionate about and bless the people around you thats all.


Never settle for less than what you deserve, i remember a time last year when i felt like things weren’t the way i wanted them to be , i was far from happy and this necessitated a change in strategy . I made some initially tough decisions which are finally beginning to pay off .

If you are passionate about something or you feel you have a talent that you are not harnessing , i beg of you – do your research and develop that skill, you can live your dream doing what you enjoy.Knowledge is power! read books,Google, ask questions,watch and listen.Pardon my ramblings , it’s the effect of the reflection ­čÖé .

Till my next post

Hugs and Kisses



  1. Lovely post. It reminds me of the Toyota advert slogan “good thinking good product”. Good reflections.

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