How to grow your clientele (2)

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Wow , did somebody press fast forward ?? It just occurred to me that we are already in the second week of the first month , fascinating – let’s make it count . Speaking of making it count, we will now round off on tips of how to grow your clientele this 2015.Just incase you missed the first part kindly click here .

Now this point is very important ,create a portfolio of 10-12 different looks which will be based on your specialization i.e bridal makeup, theater, special effect , editorial, etc also try to have a  portfolio ready for any potential clients preferably in soft copy so that can you can easily send via BB, Wassup. To develop your portfolio you can use friends and family as models if you cant afford to get a professional. Make sure you get the costumes and accessories right and its all right to be  creative all you can , don’t just over do it.  You can create a soft copy as well to share on Facebook, Instagram etc  you could also put some on your website , get a leather-bound portfolio or if you are on a budget create a web gallery.

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Create a website for your business or revamp your website if you already have one – make sure your contacts, social media handles and whatever services you offer are clearly stated , if need be replace old pictures with more recent ones .Your website serves as your online portfolio , make sure your business name serves as your domain name and a clear list of all your services are clearly highlighted.

Choose the right platform to advertise your business in other to have effective turnover, endeavor to target where your clients go and make sure you engage them.For instance, Bellanaija, Sugar weddings , Asoebi bella etc, present your services in a way that will attract them.Use Technology extensively, especially social media since they are free, if you don’t know how, contact those that can or I can help with people who do that well.

Seek additional training and licensing to make your makeup artistry business more marketable. Consider taking special effects courses or complementary classes on hair styling or skin care, you could also expand your business by adding retailing of product or other ways to generate addition revenue.

Use professional grade makeup products when working on client. Don’t use products that are easily accessible , invest in PRO products and this will give you the competitive edge you desire.If the products you use are accessible and easy to apply, then you just might soon be out of business 🙁 .

Networking with other artist is very key,talk to photographers , event planers and other vendors and attend industry events , the more people you know in your line of work the stronger your connection.My advise, don’t see other makeup artist as your competition instead see them as your colleagues ,you might need their help some day – i will get to talk more on this some other time maybe.Humility is required,you cant know it all as you will always have clients who want a little extra alterations here and there, keep calm and be flexible.


Remember to say Thank you,every one around you won’t mind if you show how much you appreciate their efforts from time to time,this will help to build a solid team and customer loyalty and relationship.

Don’t forget to ask for feed back from existing clients, this helps you to know areas where improvements are needed and also what you are good at.Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.

Phew, i thought we would never get to the end of this , so there we have it , 2015 is all set – Let’s go!!!

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How to grow your clientele (1)

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