Makeup Beauty Connect Series & Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria Update 2016

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I always say to a lot of people that makeup is actually a professional undertaking, the reactions I get are always along the lines of how the barriers to entry is almost non-existent and yes, I do agree. However, what I also agree with is that some of us are actually professionals looking for diverse ways to better ourselves and the industry alike. I am pretty sure a lot of makeup artists have heard about MBCS (The Makeup & Beauty Connect Series), I will be taking out time today to clarify and explain it all here and give MAGN – Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria Update 2016 .

The MBCS’s aim is to provide a platform that would bring together a diversity of passionate individuals in the makeup and beauty industry to grow their network by connecting in-person with other like-minded savvy professionals, lovers and enthusiasts who share their beauty perspective while also celebrating creativity, innovation and growth. The journey began with Omolola Faleye when she started the Makeup fair series in 2012 in Abuja.

We believe that networking is essential for every beauty entrepreneur and creating platforms to share business knowledge is critical to the success of the şirinevler escort industry. Meetings are held once a quarter, Sept 25th is the 3rd edition for the 2016, so if you are a makeup artist, this is for you, kindly save the dates .You can contact your state cordinators by checking on the instagram page @muaguildng.

Recently a MBCS coordinators retreat was organised (26th of July) to bring together the coordinators of the Makeup & Beauty and Connect Series (MBCS) from the different states together. To date nearly all states are ably represented and therefore a need to bring the coordinators together to discuss their challenges and chart a way forward in using the MBCS platform in spreading the MAGN gospel in their states.

Also in attendance were active members of the MAGN Volunteer group in Lagos state, other states were able to get all the coordinators to attend while some even sponsored  members to attend. The ultimate goal of the retreat was to move the industry forward and that is happening albeit slowly.

See picture recap below:


Below are the tenets upon which the Makeup Artist Guild of Nigeria (MAGN) was founded 

Over the years we have witnessed the rapid growth of our industry with positive impact being made. The industry has grown and is still birthing a lot of professionals. We see every day, new and upcoming industry professionals and more creatives have been discovered. The industry is thriving and booming, as we have witnessed the influx of international brands into Nigeria. However, one particular issue we have been grappling with is our not being properly recognized and respected for our professionalism, as we do not have a professional body regulating, unifying and binding us together. The need for a governing/regulatory body is long overdue, as this gap is the primary reason we have a lot of mediocre makeup artists flooding the industry. It is not just important but of high imperative that we have a professional body to ensure the credibility and reassurance of the industry in MAGN is Nigeria’s Makeup and Beauty industry association bringing passionate beauty-forward professionals together “MISSION” To establish & promote integrity and raise high standards within our industry through the active participation of our members by offering a suite of benefits that will enhance their various enterprises.

 “OUR MANDATE” MAGN ‘s mandate is to be an active authoritative voice promoting integrity and high standards within the beauty industry


  • Setting & maintaining high standard of professional artistry in the industry
  • To serve as a directory for beauty professionals in Nigeria
  • To provide a forum for networking, discussions and interaction for members to pursue the direction they perceive to be important.
  • Career building Platform
  • Celebration & recognizing achievements and great minds via Industry awards etc.
  • Regulatory Codes of Practice & Standards
  • Provide an environment that allows the Nigerian Beauty industry to flourish.
  • Generally, Raising the Profile of the beauty


Directory Listing/Profile page

  • MAGN membership allows for updated industry knowledge and exposure;
  • Insider access to industry news, business insights and career opportunities
  • Members welfare
  • Financial Support /Intelligence via The cooperative
  • Use the MAGN logo /Seal – when you become a member, you may display the seal of membership of the MAGN on your own website and marketing materials.
  • By creating a forum of collaboration, ideas exchange and growth
  • MAGN helps its members and the industry as a whole take empowered next steps towards a more beautiful future
  • Exclusive member-only discounts on selected products and services with various brands and suppliers.
  • Opportunity to sponsor or host a variety of MAGN events


Step 1. Obtain MAGN Membership Form

Step 2 Fill Form, Make payment in designated Bank, Attach Copy of teller, Portfolio, Tearsheet, copies of Makeup Training

Step 3 Submit Form to State MBCS Coordinator

Step 4 State Coordinators collates, does a background check and endorses applicant then sends to Lagos for Vetting by MAGN membership committee for final submission to MAGN Governor.

Step 5 Approval by MAGN Governor. Mail sent confirming approval. Membership Approval Kit mailed to successful Applicant.

I am appealing to all Nigerian Makeup Artists to continue to pray for the success of the guild .

For more information  Website:

Twitter: @muaguildng

Instagram -@muaguildng

To fill the membership  form Here

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MBCS cordinators


Feel free to ask me any question.

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