Ebola and You.

Hiya people,

We are in another season of something alien to us , we have had about the anthraxs , bird flus and the rest of them. I honestly thought this was going to pass  alas it still here with us – the almighty Ebola Virus.

I am pretty sure that it is no longer news about the outbreak of deadly Ebola virus , trust me  it is scary. In the three countries affected by the outbreak —Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea — more than 1,300 people have been sickened by the virus and more than 700 have died.

I am more concerned about how vulnerable we Makeup Artist are. I can’t overemphasize the importance of stocking up on alcohol, hand sanitizers and brush cleaning essentials to prevent the spread. I did a little bit of research and here are some of the things I discovered.

The Ebola virus (its name comes from the Ebola River in Zaire, site of the first known outbreak) causes an illness known as hemorrhagic fever. It is characterized by aches, fever, abdominal pain, organ failure, and uncontrolled bleeding. A person who has Ebola is contagious for up to 21 days. Spread of the infection occurs by direct contact with body fluids. There is no known cure, and half or more of those who develop Ebola virus disease die from it.

1. Frequently wash your hands with soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand rubs containing at least 60 percent alcohol when soap and water aren’t available.

2. Avoid buying or eating meats sold in local open markets.

3 Avoid sweaty crowd where you rub on each other, due to overpopulation – like commuter buses, labour jobs, and places of worship with maddening crowd and little ventilation. Most especially avoid local burial ceremonies where the cause of death is not known

4. If you can, avoid traveling around for now till the scourge is contained.

5. And sadly, if you feel any of the symptoms like unexplainable high fever, bleeding, quickly quarantine yourself/ separate yourself from your families and friends while you go on a massive fluid intake, to save other people around you.

6.Avoid contact with infected people. In particular, caregivers should avoid contact with the person’s body fluids and tissues, including blood, semen, vaginal secretions and saliva

Follow infection-control procedures. If you’re a health care worker, wear protective clothing, such as gloves, masks, gowns and eye shields. Keep infected people isolated from others. Dispose of needles and sterilize other instruments.

More preventive tips for Makeup Artist
Make sure you sanitize your hands frequently. Dettol Hand sanitizer or any other brand.


Use isopropyl alcohol of 90% or greater to sanitize any tools including tweezers, scissors and lash curlers. Be sure the alcohol has evaporated before using the tool on the client.

When working with a client, use a spatula to place lipstick or gloss on a palette and apply with a lip brush. If you need to apply directly from the bullet, sanitize the lipstick with isopropyl alcohol of 90% or greater and remove the top layer by wiping with a tissue.563972_467451919940688_1741251525_n

Sanitize makeup pencils by sharpening them between clients. A spritz of alcohol and sharpening in between applications will comfort your clients as well. Do not forget to clean your sharpener each time too.

Keep disposable wands in your kit for mascara application and never double dip the wand. Mascara is one of the highest risk products.


Create your own sanitizing spritz in an empty spray bottle. A fine mist of alcohol of 70% or greater can also work but be careful it does not compromise the texture of the product. Let the alcohol evaporate from the product to be most effective.

Clean brushes in between every client with brush cleaner or alcohol.

Qtips – great for a applying concealer or foundation over an open wound. Also you can dip into loose powder to set.


Never use the same sponge on more than one person


Sanitize, clean and wipe all tools and products in front of your client to make sure they know you are hygienic and follow health and safety precautions and procedures ,you owe it to the different people you are working on to practice good hygiene and reduce the spread of germs  and infection.

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Please keep safe,
Hugs and kisses,


  1. That’s the way to go…..Twas just yesterday I introduced the idea of “wearing handgloves” to my students at the Makeup studio.. .the touching of clients faces while shapening their brows et al shouldn’t be done with our bare hands anymore abeg…plus if your subject *client* gets sweaty while you’re working on her nko? ,you gotta be Mega Super Hygiene conscious*especially if such a person has a tiny cut.. .it’s risky cus of the fluid+blood contact.. Need i say more? Infact, it’s SAFETY FIRST!!! Makeup Artists needs to take into cognisance the need to meet up with Health&Safety Conditions that guides this Profession plus the situation of our country oh..
    Infact, The 3 MUST-HAVES of every Makeup Artist : Isopropyl Alcohol ,Hand Sanitizer, Disposable Applicators….

    Iet’s Spread the beauty not the Virus!….SAFETY FIRST!
    Yemisi mi….God bless you for this Great Piece

    • Madam Nifemi, it crossed my mind too, but I won’t want to scare of d client with wearing of hand glove but you have a point safety first my sister.lolz at spread the beauty not the virus.

  2. So right i already insisted on the use of disposable tools no matter what, i think the disposable gloves is a great idea! I have greatly warned my girls against touching direct skin! The fact that a second case has be reported and 2 likely symptoms i no dey joke again! Just sprayed my whole kit yesterday again! Whether used or not!

    • MAdam , it’s true o, disposable all d way because it better safe than sorry.I Also sanitizer my hands every time. I will spray my makeup kit too.thanks sis for sharing

  3. @ Yemisi and Niffy, way to go especially for our kinda profession. It is well. The gloves makes sense for very sweaty clients but hope they don’t feel embarrassed though, lol.

  4. Thanks Yemisi for sharing. This whole thing is so scary but no evil will come near us. Safety precautions is really a must now.

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