Meet Hakeem Onilogbo Special Effect Guru (SFX) in the Nigeria Makeup Industry.

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Finally, the sun bowed to the rain .The heat had started to do my head in and I could barely think let alone post, I never thought that I would be this ecstatic to see wet and muddy roads .

Alrighty, so moving on, my industry , the makeup industry  in Nigeria is one that is currently experiencing massive growth which has prompted the emergence of  associations like the MAGN (Click HERE to read about it) and contributions and advancements coming from the private sector.

This growth and advancements has led to the makeup industry creating other career opportunities different from the ever so popular bridal beauty. As a makeup artist, you could specialize in  being beauty editor or become you could become a beauty blogger/vlogger , runway /fashion makeup artist,red carpet/celebrity artist, spa or medical makeup artist, costume makeup, theater, film and television makeup artist , funeral home artists , product development manager  , educator, brand representative or beauty retailer. Whatever tickles your fancy you could be, there are endless possibilities in the industry.

Our spotlight today will beam on one of such possibilities and we will be learning from an individual who is making giant strides in the Nigerian makeup industry as a special effects guru(Film and Television). Just in case you didn’t know  – “Special effects is an illusion created for films and television by props, camera work, computer graphics, etc”.Enjoy the interview

Please can you tell us a little about yourself ?

I am Hakeem Onilogbo, CEO Hakeem Effect Concept under the management body of Tricks International, it’s a brand that is currently changing the face of the African movie industry through creative developments in special effects makeup. I am 38 years old, a native of Abeokuta, but I live and work in Lagos.I want to make a difference in Africa’s movie industry through special effects production.


How did you start and what are the Challenges you faced?

I started my trade 8 years ago with the Yoruba film making genre of Nollywood. Initially, I had wanted to be an actor, I did not have any formal training nor mentors but I invested in my make-up art talents. I realized that I could do replica of anything I see without being taught. It was quite challenging because no one was ready to accept me and those that did gave me a lowly pay. Afterwards, I met a Nollywood actor, Ernest obi, who gave me a chance to work on his set,he gave me an opportunity to showcase my work to other Nollywood film makers. I am also currently working on several cinema projects now across Africa, God Choose me and trained me and sent me forth to start special effect. The brand slogan: “I am nothing but just a pencil in the hand of my creator” continually gives me a reason to work harder to achieve more progress.

Do you have any formal training on special Effect ?

No, I don’t have any formal training whatsoever but like I said earlier God gave me power to replicate.

Where do you get inspiration from?

God inspires me all the time.

How profitable is your sector (SFX ) in the makeup industry?

I have been able to pay bills and live a comfortable life with my family.

Do you Train?

We are working on starting a proper SFX training School.

Any Advise to people who want to become a special effect artist?

My advice to all growing and young makeup artists is that they should put God first in anything they do.








To view more of his works please follow this LINK.

If you are interested in training you can send a mail to

I hope this post touches your inner creativity and you are able to become who you are destined to be, reach deep inwards, see you at the top.

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