Tips on taking Head Shot.

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Today i want to discuss a few tips on to how i apply makeup for Head shot Pictures. My ever dependable photographer Kayode Ajayi (Purple Crib 08088888183) took  my pictures (God bless you Kay).The different applications on the different key areas are listed below together with the pictures.

Face – Use foundation that will give full coverage preferably stick or cream foundation so as to even out your skin tone and create a skin finish.

The powder must contain little oil i.e Oil free or Oil Blotting to prevent your face from melting under the heat of the camera light.

Apply high pigmented Blush so it can be visible under the camera light

Eye – Make sure the colors/shades of eye shadow used are highly pigmented so it can show .

Lips – I prefer lipsticks better than lip-glosses because they don’t reflect light, pigmented and long lasting.

Products i Used


I used Black Opal Stick foundation in Carob for full coverage.

I used IMAN Oil blotting powder in Deep to set the foundation

I used MAC Carbon to contour my cheek.

I used MAC Ambering Rose Blush on my cheek


I used IMAN Oil Blotting Powder all over my face to take out all the oiliness and give me a matte finish

I used MAC Eyeliner to wing out the upper lash

I used Fashion fair Black eyeliner for my waterline

Nattra Mascara (Black ) for my lashes


First lip color- I used Black Opal Ebony Wine for my lips 

Second Lip color – I used MAC Runway Red 

I hope this helped!

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  1. Am a bit confused, shuld said one should use a powder that contains oil, and u mention oil blotting powder again. Pls its nt clear.

    • Hello Moji,i meant the powder should contain little oil so that you wont shine easily and i suggested oil control / oil blotting powder because they have less oil.

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