Why you need a Makeup Service Contract.

Hey guys,

I have been meaning to share some of my worst experience as a makeup artist and what i have learnt from them but i have held back for whatever reason , I have finally summoned the strength.Fair Warning : This is a long post but i can assure you that you will learn from it even if you aren’t a makeup artist.

Have you ever had brides cancelling last minute because  their “big aunty” wanted to surprise her with a makeup artist?  OR  she suddenly found out she’s on a budget and would rather do it herself to save money??  OR   her uncle’s daughter’s sister just finished makeup school and would do it for free ?- if you have, permit me to say i feel your pain but there is more …..

How about when you missed out on a good night sleep just to wake up early and get to the brides place only to find her she is not even awake yet? hence the long wait OR  you have another job and you are  running late just because your client feels she has paid you and so you have to hang around the whole day to justify how much you have charged? OR clients taking advantage of our verbal agreement and since i have no record i succumb to their bid.

I got fed up especially after what happened to me on Thursday, I am going  to start making deliberate effort to send out my contract irrespective of whether my clients are old or new .

My Thursday ordeal got me all rattled , I got a call from a client that needed my services for a shoot,we discussed and verbally agreed and i asked her to send me a text message with the address and time. Its noteworthy to say  I would have sent her my contract but i felt since i had closed the deal, there was really no need.

Call time was suppose to be for 7am to end 8am. I pulled some stunts and made it to the location by 6:50 am ,lo and behold there was nobody around.I  called the contact person and i had to wait another 15mins before we went in together into the office ,she called her boss who had given the time of appointment as 7am , he was on his way as at 8;30am(sigh!!!) . I left , he hadn’t arrived even after a 30min wait, while I was seated, I kept thinking to my self , if all my clients are like this how do i pay my bills and plan towards retirement!!! .It dawned on me  that i need to identify who my clients are( will share on this in another post) .I take time seriously amongst other values , for me Time is a form of currency i spend ( Time na money) , i later got a call around 9;30 saying the Oga is around asking if i could come back , by that time i was at another meeting so i couldn’t , wouldn’t have even if i could , little wonder a lot of businesses fold up due to lack of diligence.

When I got home ,  I quietly went through my Makeup Service Contract . Sadly , i do  have a contract but i don’t usually stick with it,i  did a revised edition and added more points to fit my business requirement. I also made a soft copy so i can email to client.


Makeup Service Agreement/Contract

A lateness fee of N5000 will be charged for every 20 minutes behind scheduled makeup exceeds allotted time because of client delays.

A trial makeup (Consultation/Test Application) is available and its a separate fee, it cost a non refundable fee of N20,000 and it covers product used during 30 minutes and can be factored into the service charge if not rendered.

Client agrees to notify Makeup artist of any allergies he/she may have toward any cosmetics and or chemicals. Should a reaction occur, requiring medical attention or not, it is agreed that the makeup artist is not legally liable or responsible for injury and/or ailment of any kind.

Client agrees to notify makeup artist at least 2 week prior to event date to cancel or reschedule. All deposit monies paid by client will be refunded if contract is cancelled within one (1) day of contract signing after the one day grace period,if a client cancel the booked event or any service on a contract, the deposit will NOT be refunded or transferred.

A Retainer fee of 70 %  is due at the time your event is booked.  This will confirm, and hold the date/time agreed upon above and is non-refundable. (Without a retainer I can not hold the date).

Venue will be required , where the service will be rendered for the day-of-event will be required.

Travel Fee according to mileage will be charged for locations outside of a fifteen (15) mile radius of the city of Lagos. The amount will be determined at time of inquiry.

Airfare and Accommodation will be paid by client.

Makeup Artist’s obligation to provide services here under is subject to change and/or unavailability of the artist as a result of sickness, accidents, act of God and other reasons beyond the makeup artist’s control

Any additional persons getting makeup services will be charged an additional fee

Pricing differs according to Bride _____  Bridesmaids_____ Mother of the Bride……

Models…………………………… Portraits ……………………..  Others…………………………

If additional hours are desired from the times stated above additional fee will be required

Client Contact Information:
Full Name:______________________________________


Phone Number: ______-______-______

Alt Phone Number: ______-______-______

Retainer (70%)                                           Balance Due Date

Type of Makeup Service required



Personal (portraits , birthday etc)

LOCATION OF SERVICE:_______________________________

TIME OF SERVICE START____________ END_______________

DATE OF SERVICE                   _________________

Email address: ____________________________________________

Makeup Artist  Contact Information:
Full Name:_______________________________________

Phone Number: ______-______-______

Email address: ____________________________________________

This makeup service contract is made and entered into as (date)___________, Between (client)_____________ and (makeup artist)__________. Upon agreeing on this contract, it is legally binding and both the makeup artist and said client agree as follows

Kindly mail an agreement /acceptance to this contract and your retainer fee at your earliest convenience to nsurebeautystudio@gmail.com.Thanks.

The importance of having a formal/ written contracts cannot be overemphasized, it helps to know if a client is booking your service or not, to prevent disagreement or argument on the day of event.For the client ,you should feel more comfortable if you have been given the contract because this indicates some level of professionalism and reliability, it makes everything valid and clear.

I would love to read about your experience also.

Till my next post,

hugs and kisses






  1. I hope they get the message..the lateness and after excuses are annoying.. I was stooling all of a sudden..I was throwing up all of a sudden..oh..traffic…

  2. Yemisi this is really insightful. Makes a whole lot of sense. However, I ve an issue with d 5k lateness fee. How does one implement it? Do you threaten to leave be4 makeup is done or what? ‘coz I can count the number of brides/clients that I’ve worked on who actually kept to time
    Also, hw about agencies? Ad agencies, Modeling agencies… who promise to pay once their own clients have paid them… would one turn down their jobs coz they are not pre-paying?
    Please tell me what u think

    • Hey dearie, as regards the issues of delay fee, my thought is the only way you can go around it is if you charge an hourly lateness fee and add to your invoice but make sure it is stipulated in the agreement.thanks for stopping by.muah.

      • Hi Yemisi,

        Another way around it is to ask for the lateness fee, before you even render the actual service, else you won’t get paid. Works like a charm.

  3. Yemisi, I think you know my experience already. Remember that bride I told you about? Hence my airtight contract. And yes, a contract of such indicates professionalism and reliability.

  4. Yemisi dear u are actually right oooo. The excuses&rubbish one takes from some brides/aunties/friends is nothing to write home about! 100% support u have got dear,kip flying higher gal!

  5. Hi dear. Thank you for this post. I agree with everything you have said. I have also experienced the cancellation at the last minute. Some won’t even give me notice. I will get there and find out it has been cancelled. I also have a contract but I limited it to bridal…( I don’t know why) but I have learnt from all you wrote.
    I had a friend who wanted to a makeup service for the wedding she attended. She begged me that she only had 2k to pay and we have been friends so I told her no problem. She transferred the money to my account and kept reminding me of the day. The D day came and I was waiting for her in her office and after 30 mins of waiting, she started pinging me with a
    “Madam where are you” message. You are 30 mins late. I was like i’m in my office waiting for you and she was like why are u still in your office. You are meant to be in my house doing my makeup and gele. Kai!!!!!!!! I lost it. For 2k kwa? On top friendship too? Biko! To hell with it all. She started giving me attitude plus.
    Hmmmm! Na park I park am one side. What kind of friendship is that. Hmmmmm! I have learnt my lessons. I know better. Just pray God gives me the grace and the balls to stick to what I have decided to do and not change after a while cos some clients may disagree.
    Thank you so much for sharing and for being frank with your readers.
    God bless our hustle and the works of our hands.

  6. Babes,u sure av hit d nail on d head. I cudnt agree any less wit u on dis post. Gosh,d flimsy excuses we hear 4rm brides,chai diariz God.

  7. Nsure these 2 things happened to me this weekend . A bride to be from America was asking why a trial make up isn’t free I politely told her that the trial was not to confirm if I can do make up it was to have like a sneak peek of what she ll look like on her big day you won’t believe the back and forth she kept saying I will go somewhere else in my mind I was like sweetie u dunno na if u did u will know I have absolutely nothing to lose that date will be taken in no time but I tried my best to be very polite and she just felt I was begging for her business lmao anyways thanks for this post

  8. It’s realy alotta courage to put up this post @yemisi. My last experience was after sleeping over @ a clients house with my crew in other to make our job realy fast so there won’t be anything like, it’s the makeup artist that delayed us ooo. I have the record all the people to get made up, it’s started with a lady coming with an elderly woman saying she is d brides mum cos she took care of the bride from birth, I sighed and replied she is not on the list. Another lady came and said I want to tie gele ooooo, one of my assistant stood up to attend to her and immediately told her the price, guess what are reply was….. didn’t you people eat or who served you……… May God bless the work of ours hands, Amen.

    • Funny one there! As a policy I don’t sleep over or eat in client’s houses because of issues like this. You can pack your fruits, snacks, biscuits etc with u. Also your crew could have slept over at your house and set out very early to do the job. Hope this helps!
      I’m passionate about this topic because I’m a Lawyer! 🙂

  9. This really helps…I av experienced this,clients cancelling a day to/ that same day. u really helped with this article. *Blowing kisses*

  10. If u were beside me now, would definantely give u a big hug.. Infact, I can’t begin to say all I’ve seen nd heard.. God help us oo. Thanks for sharing babes! Ose gan. May the good Lord continue to strengthen u in Jesus name, amen.

  11. Azin I just experienced this! I was “supposed” to do a lady’s makeup last Saturday all becos she came thru a trusted client, so I went in with all trust. Even went as far as agreeing to be paid on spot no advance what soever. That morning I got ready, somehow I decided to call 1st cos ikorodu no be where u fit leave unnecessary!! She didn’t take my calls at all. So I had to call my client who then called the lady…..infact I no fit vex. She said “sorry my fiancee got me upset am not going for the party anymore” sigh

  12. Message well delivered. Have had my own shares of the cancelling brides o. Thanx a lot 4 dis insight.
    Nsure, ure always on point

  13. Nsure, well said! Well said! However, there are vendors who go into oblivion (i mean doesn’t return calls or messages), missed the appointment (without notice) for trial that was to be used for pre shoots and suddenly shows up only to claim that the job was cancelled unjustly.

  14. This is really insightful and would recommend this post to every wedding/event vendor starting from my husband. My husband who is a professional photographer has experienced this and even worst despite the agreement form. The funniest thing is now that we relocated his Nigerian prospects/clients still pull annoying stunts like last minute Weldone sis Yemisi

  15. Yemisi you nailed this, I got my mind made up on how to choose and accept bridal jobs especially when a bride made me sleep on a couch in her house after we agreed that she will book a hotel for me and my assistance and on getting there she kept posting us on taking us to the hotel until it was so late for me to vex out and get myself one. Now its in my contract that the client must confirm the hotel address to me + I have to lodge in there as soon as I am out for you or pay the hotel room cost with the job fee when making deposit. I have had a bride pay me up after she got sprayed at the reception of her wedding before I could leave, and so now its included in my contract that the bride must pay up balance 2 weeks before the wedding or before I start the magician work on her face on her big day….. They really need to understand that we have bills to pay and what makes one a professional is your contract and by standing on your grounds politely. Keep it up ore @Yemisi

    • Image!!! leaving the comfort of your bed and sleeping on a couch,anyway we are more professional now.Thanks for sharing Tara.

  16. This is really insightful and would recommend this piece to every wedding/event vendor starting from my husband. My husband who is a prof. photographer has experienced this and even worst.I used to think its because he is gentle but from your article and comments here, i Know better. The funniest thing is now that we have relocated, Only his Nigerian Prospects/Clients are the ones that pull annoying stunts like last min. cancellation, surprise gift from aunt and the likes.

  17. Babe…..this is so on point as am in the middle of pulling our contract together. Infact I told myself even if no other makeup outfit insist on contract, we at MYdazzle would, so really nice reading this……its a movement.
    This is key to having the kind of respect we deserve.
    Thank you for reminding us of the needful cos it cannot be business as usual, we must upgrade!
    Have a Fab one…….

    PS= If u can don’t sleep at a clients house…..get a friend, friend of a friend or a la-be-ile(inexpensive) hotel around to spend d night or pull a lot of stunt to get there on time!
    Respect for person, time and skill is key in this business.

  18. Yemisi I swear I can relate! It’s so painful. Families are even the worse!! I make sure it doesn’t work like that anymore I now make sure everyone signs a contract. It’s just that when some people hear contract they quickly opted out of the deal and move on with someone else who won’t bind them. I wish all makeup artist can make contracts mandatory so that there won’t be any escape route at all.

    • I agree but over time, an agreement will be all you need to secure a good client and prevent being exploited by others.Thanks so much Lola for stopping by.

  19. lol @ u had to pick ur balance from the dancing floor, what wont we see, i also had to wait sometimes ago for the bride to be sprayed before i got paid, experience they say is the best teacher, we’ve been taught a lot of lessons from our experiences, which this contract will do justice to, Thanks for the post yemisi.

  20. If you don’t hear of other people’s experiences, you’d really think you have the worst one o! Last year, a client booked a 3-day wedding from 26th-29th for her two sisters. It was to be a double wedding in Minna. Ordinarily, I would have travelled down south for Christmas + new year but I felt it was a good deal, plus I had Family in Abuja so I could spend Christmas there and travel down after the wedding for New years.
    Plans were tight and right but the person that made the booking just kept postponing my pay for the silliest reasons. I made the last call on 24th to really find out what was going on and she unashamedly told me that one of their cousins decided to do the makeup for free and that it was very last minute and she was so sorry and bla bla. See painment! She didn’t even have the courtesy to call me and let me know in time! The worst part was I obviously couldn’t so anything.

    And to think that I had tweaked and tweaked my travel plans just so I could make myself diligently available!

    Another one too made me miss MINC. There was no way I could have flown to Lagos for the event and made it back for the wedding so I decided to cancel on MINC and I took the job. Guess what, she cancelled too!
    The way some people can have such daring disregard for commitments make you want to just go ‘Suarez’ on them. Literally!

  21. A very nice piece @Misi.Contract is a must for all MUAs.I can only say I have a job when I must have received my initial deposit to avoid dealing with cancellations & excuses.

  22. Very nice and honest write up. Sadly dere are so many quacks parading as makeup artists and ruining d trade, esp outside lagos. I have learnt d hard way to tell clients dt till u book with cash dere is no deal, even if u be family! I’m gonna stop being lazy and incorporate d contract, hope u don’t mind if I use some paragraphs from urs.

  23. Thanks Yemisi. This is so helpful. I hav experienced it n learnt my lesson. Now I know better! Keep up d good work.

  24. I hate the part where clients don’t keep to time it sucks, we all learn every day am glad you came up with these post God knows i need to step up my game.God bless you for these information Kisses

  25. I literally had to read your post and all the comments below. This is really insightful, all pointa duely noted. Thanks nsure

  26. Sheeeett!! I am late!! Now this is a post!!

    There are so many issues makeup artists face that are utterly ridiculous, but I guess you learn along the way.
    But I think there should be a general rule for makeup artists: IF NO UPFRONT DEPOSIT HAS BEEN PAID, DO NOT MOVE AN INCH, DO NOT BE BOTHERED, DO NOT EVEN ASK FOR FULL ADDRESS, before you find your self there because your brushes are calling your name, lol!

    When you already have policy on cancellation, and initial deposits, it wouldn’t pain you much if a bride cancels, or if you get to the venue and her sister that just watched a you tube video wants to do her makeup for free. Infact with an upfront deposit, she will be the one calling, ‘ I hope you have not forgotten’

    When we bear in mind that in all types of businesses, there are what you call UNDESIRABLE customers, then I guess we will realize not all clients are for you, not all jobs are for you!

    Sisi yemisi you rock!! Gotta keep that time policy in mind. No more oshi!

  27. Wow,this is soooo on point.this industry needs to be Regulated,haven’t you guys seen pple who do makeup trainings for 5k or less? Haven’t you seen proffesionals who charge 10k for makeovers just cos they don’t know how to say noand they fill 10k is better than nothing? And when you call your fee pple say haba,wetin you wan teach us/e pass makeup wey you wan apply? If all proffesionals can just decide to be firm and charge clients accordingly we’ll earn the respect we deserve.Some months back I did a job on the island,the engagement was for 7am and we had a 6am agreement,got to d island around 5.30 from egbeda ooo,u can imagine how early I left home,she didn’t come until 10am she kept saying I’m in traffic,eventually she came and engagement done,she went to church and guess what dey didn’t close until 4pm,was begged to stay and help tie gele for reception cos she came through a respected cousin so I sat there for hours waiting for church to end and reception to start,immediately after I rushed to take a cab back home,next thing my phone range and it’s the bride,ranting…why did you leave? What if I still want to redo my makeup,it’s not fair bla bla bla,na small remain make I curse her,rubbish.God will bless us all as we continue to stand firm,Huggs and Kisses

  28. This is veryyyyyy on point! Yemisi, thanks for hitting the nail
    The funny and annoying thing is even the ” family and friends” thingy, they don’t believe value should be placed on this Biz of ours….it’s when some of your old sch friends needs you that you’ll hear ” ah, what are friends for naa? I’ll refer my other friends to you” lol.. .as if it actually works that way! And some would cunnily tell you they’ll send the cash to you after the event.. .Hmmmmm.. My money Don enter enough voice mail in the past and yes,i fell for another one early last yr. ..after doing her Engagement and Bridal for Friday &Saturday respectively, she’s yet to send the Money.. Maybe when she has all her kids she’ll remember to pay..lol! Guess some don’t know Integrity is key and also business structure is very key. Ensure you have a Biz/company account they pay their retainer fee into it then they come with the payment teller….I don’t do “” I sabi her” again oh.. .It ruins biz if you’re not careful and in turn kills relationships.. .You have to apply wisdom.. ..I had to draft Client Agreement form after that early last yr incidence to spice up professionalism and sends that signal those clients that you mean Biz and not in it for a joke. …God’ll grant us the wisdom to handle our biz and keep upgrading!
    God bless you Yemisi Aya Seriki of life *hugs* …

    • Hahahaha @Niffy, when she finish having all her children,some friendship really kills business.Once dir is structure it becomes easy to run professionally. Thanks for sharing.

  29. Woow! I have had bad experiences too and I decided to have a contract..I initially felt it was too stern but hey I gatta do it now plus ds post has really given me ginger. I did a bridal makeup job for my frnds fiancé n he promised to giv mi a token,I agreed cs we hv bn frnds fr a while, till today I neva smell the money o.Another lady frm church asked me to do her face for her traditional and white wedding…the verbal agreement was just for her face, na so on the engagement dat she brought her aunt n mother ooooo fr gele n full makeup o….I just did it cs I was to get my balance dat day….d brida made me stay for d whole ceremony o,saying that ah she wd pay….I eventuali left wen it was obvious she was stalling….a day befr d white wedding she called n said ahhh since my house is far frm d weddin venue I shdnt bother coming to do her face again, dt d stress is too much and her younger sista wd do the makeup for her that.is it not just to paint d face,I jst wished her a happi married life and dropped the call.
    Great post.thank you soo much

  30. Oh My! @rhedruby’s experience mehn! Yemisi great Advice! God bless You for reiterating THIS. Buntricia mentioned it @ the HD conference and for me it stuck. However my issue is with family and friends who inspite of earning much in their offices expect you to do FOC…. I wonder if I employed the service of their organization without payment if their salary would be paid? People of noble professions bachelor holders and masters degrees now go into professional makeup artistry, so why would you except them to pay their bills with the ‘friendship card’. In-laws are worse you can’t talk much before they turn it to ‘pride’ . Like someone said the industry now clearly needs regulation of some sort, its no longer the trade for dropouts or numbskulls. How on earth does someone charge 10k for training? Don’t they use products in the process? How does one charge 15k for Bridal? Smh…. I’m sorry for the epistle on your blog my lady. Thanks again for the heads up

    • Hi Remi ,i agree totally with you the “industry now clearly needs regulation of some sort, its no longer the trade for dropouts or numbskulls”.Regulations will comes from the way we handle our business (professionalism) i appreciate your dropping by*hugs*

    • As in, it truly cannot be over emphasized. Is it d late readiness for make up. Abi impromptu cancelation? Too many experiences to mention. My last experience was a client that made me cancel my date with dis new bobo dat was on my case. When it was time i kept calling n she never picked. Two days later she said “OMG! I ddnt realise i ddnt call to tell u i changed my mind”. What we go through tho. Anyways, i’m glad i read this. I’m so working on my contract with immediate effect. Thank u Yemisi

  31. nice post.
    as regards charging 10K. there are people who are not fully established. it’s when you have made a name for yourself that you can charge well.

  32. Lol, the comments got me cracking up. Am a bit new in d biz so I still tolerate sum bullshits bt I kno am jst doin dis jst to get more experience. May God help us all ooo.

  33. I stumbled unto your page on fb and decided to visit your website, I’m not into your kind of biz, I make and design fascinators, I experienced a particular incidence that got me so pissed that I vowed never to belittle my standards for any reason or person even if it where to be my late mum, I have this colleague @ work who was to wed some months back, she wanted fascinators for her chief bride’smaid, bridal train and herself, fascinators I charge #3,500, I gave her a discounted price of #2,500 and even did her’s for free,@ first she didn’t have any money to pay and pleaded with me to commence work that she would pay @ the end of the month, I told her to pay me as she promised and would not want to have any issues with her as regards my payment she accept that month ended I didn’t see 50k alk more of a #1,000, I kept quite and felt since salary hasn’t being paid yet, I should just keep calm and exercise my name, she paid half of the payment as agains 70% initial deposit I told her I would not deliver her job until my payment is complete, her response to me was, ‘I haven’t seen my job and you’re asking for your payment. Trouble began when I sent her a message on a thursday preceeding her wedding on saturday to pay my balance into my account that her job was ready and is in my office as suggested by her, she didn’t reply me, only for her to come on friday with her husband and two of her friends, I brought out her fascinators, guess her response to me, oya Patience we’ll see after the wedding, can you imagine? I told her that wasn’t the agreement, she was like I don’t have any money on me now till tomorrow, she was about leaving without the fascinators, I called her for me to talk to her calmly inside, she was forming dangote’s heir and walked away from me, long story cut short we had a little confrontation and she was just running her mouth I explained to one of her friends she was apologising on her behalf calling it wedding stress, I gave her the job I had to wait at the end of the reception to collect my money. It’s better I do my designs free for family or ‘friends’, until you pay up the 70% payment upfront nothing for you beaten so many times that am so tired of telling my stories. It’s so sad how people feel the creative industry is just a hobby, which I agree to but it’s also a business, if I keep doing things like this I’ll compensate myself in future. Nice blog you have here and great piece.

  34. And here you are again busting my head as always book of glam stories*hugs*
    Ms. Seriki…may thy brushes never shed and may thy palettes remain true to thee.
    I don’t even know where to begin. I can relate with many experiences here….but im proud to say that for the past 2 yrs…my electronic contract has worked wonders for me (bbm chat history)……lolz…but i shall proceed to draw up a proper contract 1st thing in d morning by Gods grace.
    However, ive always been known by friends and fam not to mix bizness with relationships. I dont expect freebies….so i dont give freebies except at my discretion. From experience, I’ve also come to the conclusion that even if u give ur blood and lay down ur life….they’ll still say it’s not enough….so what the heck, we might as well be professional all d way! Hence;
    I never book a date until a deposit has been made.
    The balance has to be paid before I leave my house.
    Trial makeup can only happen after a deposit has been made (m not a rookie)
    Every look, change, gele, lashes etc must be paid for (I’m not shy to discuss this with brides during consultation cos on the wedding day, I dont say kpim!, cos I dont have power to fight, never have, and never will).
    Out of lagos brides pay hotel bills and cost of transportation etc (I dont sleep in houses, kai!)
    Finally when a client calls me up to say she found someone cheaper….I simply move on with life singing kumbaya.
    Sisters…..this is a movement indeed! Professionalism is key!
    And to all those charging 10kobo for makeup and training…..its dark where you’re headed oooo.

  35. Chai… diaris God o. Even if they dont want us to succeed in this business/industry, WE WILL ! Written agreement lo ley shey o . #isupportprofessionalisminthemakeupindustry#

  36. Oh my gawd! Dis write shud be sent to brides to be.like seriously u nailed.was recently dumped by a client(so painful) after i had already said no to oda clients for her.the worse part was she cudnt say she was sorry.yes! I support trials fees at least u get to knw ur stance n not d client feeling like shes testing u.its 2015,no room for fake brides…thanks misidreads

  37. Happy New Year MUA’s. No be small thing ooooo!!!!!! I totally agree with the agreement especially the 70% deposit. Ve learnt a lot in this our beauty business. There are a lot of other makeup artists who are spoiling this business as well. If you decide to charge a client 10 naira (just as an example), there will be another makeup artist that will do it for FREEEeeeeee and as a result of that, it will make one look like a gold digger. In view of this, I will like to recommend that there should be a minimum price(depending on location) and that this contract/agreement should go round not just in Lagos but in other states because some of our colleagues are going through worse. The way people treat MUA’s in these states are not just encouraging. All the best to us all MUA’s and I pray that in this year 2015, GOD will Remember Us for GOOOD in Jesus Name.

  38. Yemisi, You feel my pain. Even though I’m still kinda new to the make up business, I’ve had a lot of heart aches. Especially from those who think they could use your services for free based on ‘I know you’ level. People want good thing but don’t want to pay for it. some would even go silent on you after you’ve both made verbal agreement, until you eventually call them and then they throw the fairy tale story of how their sis decided to surprise them blablabla. I guess this is the way to go. I hope I’m permitted to replicate your contract and make some modifications to it though. Thanks, God bless you. Hope to see you again soon. Cheers.and please modify my response quick o so it can always show. lol.

  39. This your post has really brought back memories. I did my cousin’s makeup in 2012 and like most family members, they claim not to have money. I told her to pay 10k (my fee then was 40k). She said she didn’t have 10k and she really wanted me to do her makeup. Being blood, I said okay and she should give me whatever she had. After doing her makeup, she said she’d give me 3k. I wasn’t even bothered at that point. But would you believe that since 2012 till this 2015, me and that 3k still haven’t met! She’s now into the makeup business and I know that she’d receive her share of what she did to me.

  40. @Enhanced, I can relate with your experience, but that is a breech of trust on the part of your cousin. Anyway, we learn daily. Take care.

  41. Yemisi I totally agree with you mehn. Although I’m new in the business, I’ve had my share of annoying experiences. I had a similar experience last year when an old classmate called me to be her bridesmaid n MUA. she said “please i don’t have much money. Just help me” I told her to give me what she had as she had never asked me for a favour before n I saw her as a friend, she said OK. a month to d wedding she said she had scraped the bridesmaid idea, luckily I hadn’t paid her yet. she said the wedding was for 7 so I “travelled” from Akoka to Ago palace very early when I got there lo and behold I saw 6 bridesmaids, a popular male hairstylist n some other vendors. I did her makeup as agreed when I finished I waited for her, I saw her pay every other vendor stylishly when I asked her about it she started stalling, I didn’t even get a thank you. I packed my bag n left. it took me a lot not to curse her. till today she has not contacted me. honestly some of the things I’ve experienced in the name of family, friendship n verbal agreement can be demoralizing. Professionalism is key. i thought about drafting one earlier but I felt i still needed to build my client base but ehn I’d rather stand my ground than have a commitment I’d end up regretting. You’re client is your client and if one keeps making allowances for these experiences one will never grow. sometimes you have to take the bitter pill to get better

  42. This post isnt making sense to me anyways. We reallu need to go for customer service training.+ u cnt hv a business and not take risk. All these terms and conditions is jst centered on *self* and not service or customer. At least the both parties can meet at a point. @regulation for makeup artist? dts really shallow minded, let pple charge wt they want to charge- every service rendering professional has their own target market remember? Same way you cant meet deola sagoe to sow for u cz u cnt pay, buh u hv ur tailor and u look good. Life ia easy, y complicate things?

    • Thanks Bola for your comment , it is well appreciated. I would assume you are not a make up artist even though you might be in the service delivery space , I will tell you as a matter of fact that it has very little to do with customer service training , most of my customers have become family friends but in a space where people like to take advantage because of the ubiquitous nature of the offering , a contract is necessary. And like you said of cause people can charge whatever they want to charge.Sorry to burst your bubble but the framework for the regulation is already in place.Thanks for your submission though

  43. Honestly you said it all.. i am a MUA and I have had bad or rather terrible expiriences ESP with last minute cancellation.. with friends and so called brides and the worst part of all is that they don’t have conscience at all or they l b telling you U are quite expensive and all that saying about getting some1cheaper or having their sisters do makeup and all that…sometimes it’s really painful..but I have made up my mind to stand my ground no matter what…thanks for this post…may God bless our hustle

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