Why you need a Makeup Service Contract.

Hey guys,

I have been meaning to share some of my worst experience as a makeup artist and what i have learnt from them but i have held back for whatever reason , I have finally summoned the strength.Fair Warning : This is a long post but i can assure you that you will learn from it even if you aren’t a makeup artist.

Have you ever had brides cancelling last minute because  their “big aunty” wanted to surprise her with a makeup artist?  OR  she suddenly found out she’s on a budget and would rather do it herself to save money??  OR   her uncle’s daughter’s sister just finished makeup school and would do it for free ?- if you have, permit me to say i feel your pain but there is more …..

How about when you missed out on a good night sleep just to wake up early and get to the brides place only to find her she is not even awake yet? hence the long wait OR  you have another job and you are  running late just because your client feels she has paid you and so you have to hang around the whole day to justify how much you have charged? OR clients taking advantage of our verbal agreement and since i have no record i succumb to their bid.

I got fed up especially after what happened to me on Thursday, I am going  to start making deliberate effort to send out my contract irrespective of whether my clients are old or new .

My Thursday ordeal got me all rattled , I got a call from a client that needed my services for a shoot,we discussed and verbally agreed and i asked her to send me a text message with the address and time. Its noteworthy to say  I would have sent her my contract but i felt since i had closed the deal, there was really no need.

Call time was suppose to be for 7am to end 8am. I pulled some stunts and made it to the location by 6:50 am ,lo and behold there was nobody around.I  called the contact person and i had to wait another 15mins before we went in together into the office ,she called her boss who had given the time of appointment as 7am , he was on his way as at 8;30am(sigh!!!) . I left , he hadn’t arrived even after a 30min wait, while I was seated, I kept thinking to my self , if all my clients are like this how do i pay my bills and plan towards retirement!!! .It dawned on me  that i need to identify who my clients are( will share on this in another post) .I take time seriously amongst other values , for me Time is a form of currency i spend ( Time na money) , i later got a call around 9;30 saying the Oga is around asking if i could come back , by that time i was at another meeting so i couldn’t , wouldn’t have even if i could , little wonder a lot of businesses fold up due to lack of diligence.

When I got home ,  I quietly went through my Makeup Service Contract . Sadly , i do  have a contract but i don’t usually stick with it,i  did a revised edition and added more points to fit my business requirement. I also made a soft copy so i can email to client.


Makeup Service Agreement/Contract

A lateness fee of N5000 will be charged for every 20 minutes behind scheduled makeup exceeds allotted time because of client delays.

A trial makeup (Consultation/Test Application) is available and its a separate fee, it cost a non refundable fee of N20,000 and it covers product used during 30 minutes and can be factored into the service charge if not rendered.

Client agrees to notify Makeup artist of any allergies he/she may have toward any cosmetics and or chemicals. Should a reaction occur, requiring medical attention or not, it is agreed that the makeup artist is not legally liable or responsible for injury and/or ailment of any kind.

Client agrees to notify makeup artist at least 2 week prior to event date to cancel or reschedule. All deposit monies paid by client will be refunded if contract is cancelled within one (1) day of contract signing after the one day grace period,if a client cancel the booked event or any service on a contract, the deposit will NOT be refunded or transferred.

A Retainer fee of 70 %  is due at the time your event is booked.  This will confirm, and hold the date/time agreed upon above and is non-refundable. (Without a retainer I can not hold the date).

Venue will be required , where the service will be rendered for the day-of-event will be required.

Travel Fee according to mileage will be charged for locations outside of a fifteen (15) mile radius of the city of Lagos. The amount will be determined at time of inquiry.

Airfare and Accommodation will be paid by client.

Makeup Artist’s obligation to provide services here under is subject to change and/or unavailability of the artist as a result of sickness, accidents, act of God and other reasons beyond the makeup artist’s control

Any additional persons getting makeup services will be charged an additional fee

Pricing differs according to Bride _____  Bridesmaids_____ Mother of the Bride……

Models…………………………… Portraits ……………………..  Others…………………………

If additional hours are desired from the times stated above additional fee will be required

Client Contact Information:
Full Name:______________________________________


Phone Number: ______-______-______

Alt Phone Number: ______-______-______

Retainer (70%)                                           Balance Due Date

Type of Makeup Service required



Personal (portraits , birthday etc)

LOCATION OF SERVICE:_______________________________

TIME OF SERVICE START____________ END_______________

DATE OF SERVICE                   _________________

Email address: ____________________________________________

Makeup Artist  Contact Information:
Full Name:_______________________________________

Phone Number: ______-______-______

Email address: ____________________________________________

This makeup service contract is made and entered into as (date)___________, Between (client)_____________ and (makeup artist)__________. Upon agreeing on this contract, it is legally binding and both the makeup artist and said client agree as follows

Kindly mail an agreement /acceptance to this contract and your retainer fee at your earliest convenience to nsurebeautystudio@gmail.com.Thanks.

The importance of having a formal/ written contracts cannot be overemphasized, it helps to know if a client is booking your service or not, to prevent disagreement or argument on the day of event.For the client ,you should feel more comfortable if you have been given the contract because this indicates some level of professionalism and reliability, it makes everything valid and clear.

I would love to read about your experience also.

Till my next post,

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