No to violence on MUAs !!!

Howdy People ,

I never thought in my wildest dreams that there would be a time that I would be afraid for what humanity is becoming.I mean a simple processes of life that you would never have thought would turn out to be complicated have been twisted and trampled upon especially by the women folk who feel that for some reason they are more superior than others.

A friend of mine who happens to be a makeup artist in Abuja was violently abused on Saturday afternoon.I received this news with utter disbelief and shock , in Nigeria here someone could feel she has the right to ruthlessly molest another human being because she is a “big madam” …. I am sorry I care less who you are , you try that with me you better be ready to kill me. Ok …. let me take a deep breath so I will not promote more violence here.

My friend was beaten,strangled and tormented for over 1 hour at a client’s house.What really did my head in when I heard the story is the fact the  client insisted that she should used water to wash her face and proceed to do the makeup after beating her blue.My gosh!!!! even when we had animal skin to cover our privates I don’t think humanity was this cruel.

My friend practically begged and pleaded for her life before she was let go, get this she had to beg to be let out the woman’s mini torture chamber….wonderful!!!!. Her phones were destroyed , she was given drink to digest the beating with and was asked to come back the next day for another round of beating maybe.

I am livid about this experience, this is utter madness , my guess is if my friend had died or had passed out in the process, her body could easily have been dumped somewhere. I understand she was referred by another makeup artist to do the job for the client so the situation could easily have gone south.


I am so glad she survived and she was able to share her ordeal, she sounded a lot  better when I spoke to her over the phone.I am also glad that it didn’t have to be totally disastrous before we could learn a thing or two from this experience.

I believe it won’t be out of place to encourage whoever isn’t a part of the Makeup artist Guild of Nigerian to do so pronto .The mandate of the guild is to be an active authoritative voice promoting integrity and high standards within the beauty industry. Issues such as this will be handled by the guild and we longer have to suffer in silence alone. The Guild will pursue all powers within its reach to bring an end to this injustice. Find out more about MAGN  here


This could easily have been any makeup artist so I implore you not to brush the note of warning aside. Our booking process is a fairly simple one :

1.You get a call from a client you hardly know to make inquiries about your availability and service charge

2.Payment is made

3. Show up at agreed location

The truth is it is the simplicity of this booking process that leads to my friend’s experience It is particularly dangerous now that we are approaching the yuletide season. Please try to discern the jobs you take as some of these clients feast on your ability to jump at any offer, every MUA owes it to his or herself to be in order to avoid violence on MUAs.

Tips on how to protect yourself

  1. Make sure you find out location and make sure someone else close to you has it
  2. Always insist on at least 70percent deposit payment before that day.
  3. Always make call in front of the client confirming to a close friend or family member when you arrive at location and call out the address right in front of the client before you start makeup application at all.
  4. If possible go with an assistant.

What are the safety measures you put in place , kindly share in the comment box below

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