Product Review: Mabrook Eyebrow pencil.

Hey guys,

It’s been a speedy September this one, new month, old month, I am always grateful for the gift of life. There’s just this one life to leave positive footprints in the sand of time – think about it.

Ok enough of the thinking; let’s all come right back here, you have a lifetime to that anyway  . I am going to share my honest opinion about my latest find – Mabrook Eyebrow Pencil. For all the ladies who have been struggling to find the right eyebrow pencil at the right price, worry no more!!!

I don’t comprise on my Eyebrows because it is what frames the face. I have been using MAC eyebrow pencil for a long time and I love it but if you care to know it’s very little quantity for a premium, I just knew I had to go sourcing for a good substitute and after trying so many brands in the market, I hit the bull’s-eye in Mabrook Eyebrow pencil – It is just perfect.


It gives a natural finish.
The texture is dry and not waxy or creamy
It gives a defined arch.
It’s very pigmented.
The pointed tip helps to fill in sparse hair and it’s great for feathering.
It’s light and easily buildable
It’s doesn’t give that crayon effect on your brows
It has a mascara wand at the other tips ( which makes it easy to brush in your pencil into the brows for a natural finish)
It retails for N1800.

It’s not waterproof
You have to sharpen the pencil tip.

I hope this has helped a bit, plus its affordable
What Eyebrow pencil do you love and won’t mind recommending?
Till my next Post
Hugs and kisses

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